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Awaken the Shadowman 2017

Awaken the Shadowman

Awaken the Shadowman

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Nightmares Come to Life.

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About the Awaken the Shadowman 💬

  • Based on actual phenomena.

After the mysterious disappearance of their mother, an estranged family reunites and discovers an unknown supernatural force.

  • Gateways accepts all, especially those who are lost.

Estranged from his family, Adam Morris (James Zimbardi) is suddenly forced to bring his new wife and baby home after the suspicious disappearance of his mother. He is immediately faced with the tense relationship he has with his brother, Jake, as they try to piece together the harrowing circumstances of their mother's affairs, alongside the help of ''Gateways'', a local bereavement group.

  • At Gateways, a sacrifice means a new beginning. What would you give?

Once reunited, the prosperity and happiness that Jake (Skyler Caleb) and his wife, Christy (Andrea Hunt), have found becomes overwhelming to Adam and Beth (Emily Somers), newlyweds who have struggled financially and romantically due to their new baby.

  • Embrace the shadow or fight it. There is no escape. He is coming.

A dark, shadowy presence begins to stalk Beth as she struggles with the turbulent roles of motherhood, supporting Adam in his perilous situation, and the envy of Jake and Christy's prosperity. With the pressure of their mother's disappearance mounting, Adam's discoveries about his hometown increase with his paranoia. Old friends appear with foreboding warnings. What once was a home is now filled with haunting premonitions. He becomes terrified of the sinister influence that Gateways might have had on his family, and perhaps their involvement in his mother's disappearance.

  • Shadowman will rise.

Through the restless nights of a tragedy, something deeper seems to have awakened.

Awaken the Shadowman Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

J.S. Wilson

Writing Credits

James Zimbardi

Skyler Caleb

Woodrow Wilson Hancock III


James Zimbardi

Skyler Caleb

Jean Smart

Emily Somers

Andrea Hunt

Robert R. Shafer

Raam Weinfeld

Grace Van Dien

Sophie Labelle

Casey Kramer

Carlos Pratts

Jasper Cole

Music by

Douglas Pipes

Cinematography by

J.S. Wilson

Genres: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Country: United States

Awaken the Shadowman Official Trailer

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