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Bad Frank 2017

Bad Frank

Bad Frank

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... He Tried To Be Good.

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About the Bad Frank 💬

  • A Man can Only Hold so much Inside.

Frank Pierce (Kevin Interdonato) has a severe mental condition, and lives a medicated, normal existence. His wife Gina (Amanda Clayton) is unaware that his tendencies can manifest themselves at any moment, with violent consequences. Regardless of his past troubles with the law and his family disowning him, Frank is doing his best to reclaim his life and trying to reconnect with his father, Charlie (Ray 'Boom-Boom' Mancini, Former Boxing Champion), a former cop turned alcoholic. When Frank's friend Travis Lugar (Brandon Heitkamp) runs into trouble with a local gangster, Mickey Duro (Tom Sizemore) he turns to Frank for help, unaware of his condition, and past with Duro... Some stones are better left unturned, and an unfortunate meeting triggers Frank into a vicious and vengeful downward spiral involving his wife Gina, and his own sanity, to a Mind-Blowing ending that turns audiences on their head!

Bad Frank Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Tony Germinario

Writing Credits

Tony Germinario (Head writer)

Tony Germinario and Kevin Interdonato (Writer)

Russ Russo (Co-writer)


Kevin Interdonato

Tom Sizemore

Brandon Heitkamp

Amanda Clayton

Lynn Mancinelli

Paola Grande

Russ Russo

Ray ''Boom Boom'' Mancini

Brian O'Halloran

Fiona Hardingham

Kim Cristo

Laeticia Harrison-Roberts

Joseph Anthony Sernio

Frank Pelligra

Music by

Michael Long

Cinematography by

Mike Hechanova

Genres: Drama, Thriller

Country: United States

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