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What is All Favorite Movies (AFM) and Why Do We Need It?

All Favorite Movies-AFM

Welcome to the official website of the All Favorite Movies (AFM) in Lewes, Delaware.

What is AFM, what does it do, how does is work, and why should you be using it?

AFM is a new place to discover, vote and shares all your favorite movies on the internet.

All Favorite Movies act like a research-and-survey company to their followers, asking for a number of questions using ''It's Your Turn! | What's your favorite movie? | Which one of is your favorite movie?'' templates, and collecting answers from their followers in their database. It's a website that creates new trends by identifying the interests and curiosity of the users and presenting to them what kinds of answers the large masses have given to such questions.

Who We Are

We aim to determine our preferences for cinema by taking the slogan ''Favorites | Our Favorites'' and ''Favorite Movies | Our Favorite Movies'' and to pursue the fierce competition among these our favorites. Are you ready to vote for all movies on the movie history with ''All Favorite Movies'' and see the results?

Our Mission

AFM is based on a simple idea: Helping Each Other. Voting the movies you watch helps the next person's choice. And their votings help you to discover your next favorite! We at AFM have a deep respect for the world of movies and have created a platform where the audience can have real interaction and influence in that world. Wherever you might be, AFM can link you to a different world. We're here to help you discover new movies and build an archive of the ones you loved.

You can think of AFM as a movie guide that will help you locate movies new ones, remembered favorites, forgotten favorites, the ones that you always meant to watch, but haven't yet. AFM can remove the barriers to a whole new world!

Our mission at AFM is to give movie lovers a powerful tool to build a community with each other. The love and respect we have for other movie lovers give us our purpose. Our passion for the cinema is what we have in common!

This is possible because of our collective effort. The larger our community, the better we become! We think that the more you engage with AFM, the more you'll be surprised at your new enthusiasm, curiosity, and discovery. And you'll feel more connected to your favorite actors and the directors of your favorite movies.

All your favorite movies. All in one place.

All Favorite Movies (AFM), which continues to broadcast with the sharing of domestic and foreign films that are generally determined as ''favorite'' and ''unfavorite''; is liable for analyzing, examining, criticizing and questioning all of the films appearing in the various festivals, awards and events, especially the Oscars, Golden Globes, Baftas, European Film Awards and International Film Festivals and voting them as a result of the process. Also provides the official movie award winners database.

How do I discover my next favorite movie?

The more you use AFM, the more it gets to know what you love. Every time you visit we'll work to show you new movies we think you'll love. The best part of AFM is being able to find a great one when you're ready to watch.

If you like cinema and to get detailed information about the movies, discover new movies and worlds, you do not have to look elsewhere than All Favorite Movies. You can participate in a survey, write a review and share your favorite movies with the world via your social media! Do not forget to add our website to your bookmarks and favorites! Also, follow our social media accounts!

You can send us any questions, opinions, and thoughts about All Favorite Movies (AFM) by using the contact page.