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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

As a Google product, Blogger respects your privacy rights as an All Favorite Movies, and we're working with Google to do so throughout your time on our site. Some important disclosures about the security of your personal information are explained below and provided to your information.

Routine Data Collection

All websites record simple data about visitors. The data that recorded for statistical purposes; your IP address, your internet service provider, the features of your browser, your operating system, and your input and output pages on the site. This data does not personally identify any visitor as a specific person but is recorded for routine administrative and maintenance purposes.

Cookies and Web Pointers

Some of the applications used in All Favorite Movies keep cookies for user settings and web history information to provide user-specific content and/or better service to the user when needed. In addition, advertising partners and third-party apps may record user information through cookies, web pointers, or scripts to provide useful information and display ads. In this case, the advertising services and third-party applications retain their user data on their own servers and their privacy policy applies. Please note that if you have any doubts about user data collection, you have the option of disabling cookies from the browser settings.

External Links

All Favorite Movies links to different web addresses from their pages. All Favorite Movies is not responsible for the content of the sites that you link, the banner promotions, or privacy principles.

Contact Information

You can send us any questions, opinions, and thoughts about this privacy policy applied at All Favorite Movies by using the contact page.