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The Daughters of Fire 2018

The Daughters of Fire | Las Hijas del Fuego

The Daughters of Fire-Las Hijas del Fuego

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Two female lovers reunite after a long time...

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About The Daughters of Fire 💬

Three women meet by chance in the very end of the world and start a life-changing polyamorous journey that takes them back to their home cities as different persons, maybe the persons they had always wanted to be. Subjects that suffer when facing the established order, the irreversible passion and the Utopian quality of a single love, unwind as they search for new ways of relating, far from possession and pain as the inevitable end to a love that fits no canon...

The Daughters of Fire Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Albertina Carri

Writing Credits

Albertina Carri

Analía Couceyro


Mijal Katzowicz

Rocío Zuviría

Ivanna Colona Olsen

Mar Morales

Erica Rivas

Cristina Banegas

Sofía Gala Castiglione

Carla Morales Ríos

Rana Rzonscinsky

Violeta Valiente

Canela M.

Carolina Alamino Barthaburu

María Eugenia Marcet

Cinematography by

Inés Duacastella

Genre: Drama

Country: Argentina

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