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Berlin Alexanderplatz 2020

Berlin Alexanderplatz

Berlin Alexanderplatz

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The story of Francis, how Berlin becomes his undoing and how he finally emerges as a better person.

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About the Berlin Alexanderplatz 💬

  • The timely adaptation of the bestselling novel.

Based on Alfred Döblin's classic novel Berlin Alexanderplatz tells the story of a Guinea Bissau refugee, Francis B. (25). He is crossing illegally from Africa to Europe when his boat gets into a storm and keels over. In mortal fear Francis B. (Welket Bungué) swears to God that he will be a good, a decent man if HE saves him. His prayer is answered. As the sole survivor, Francis finds himself on a beach of the Mediterranean coast. Now it is up to him to keep his oath.

Francis' way leads him to Berlin, where he honestly strives to be a good man. Yet, to legally make a living as a stateless refugee turns out to be practically impossible. Soon Francis meets the shady German drug dealer Reinhold (26) and the two men join into a fatal friendship. Repeatedly Reinhold (Albrecht Schuch) tries to rope Francis in for his purposes. Again and again, Francis resists, but eventually, he gives in and renounces his pact with God. But Reinhold betrays Francis and kills his lover Mieze (19), who is pregnant. Only now Francis realizes that he has lost his way and that he has brought this misery on himself. He withstands the urge to kill Reinhold.

As a broken, but also as a new man, Francis returns to Berlin and experiences a miracle: his child has survived the murder attack on Mieze (Jella Haase). Francis, a father now, begins a new life.

Not unlike Fassbinder's Berlin Alexanderplatz, Qurbani's version is a gloomy journey through the "dark night of the soul" - not least on account of its authentic, atmospheric images of Francis' city of exile: Berlin.

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Berlin Alexanderplatz Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Burhan Qurbani

Writing Credits

Burhan Qurbani and Martin Behnke (Screenplay)

Alfred Döblin (Novel)


Welket Bungué

Albrecht Schuch

Thola von Hulbert

Jella Haase

Annabelle Mandeng

Nils Verkooijen

Joachim Król

Michael Davies

Richard Fouofié Djimeli

Lukhanyo Bele

Thomas Lawinky

Faris Saleh

Thelma Buabeng

Lena Schmidtke

Mira Elisa Goeres

Celina Meral

Ceci Chuh

Rufina Neumann

Lindsey Cruz

Music by

Dascha Dauenhauer

Cinematography by

Yoshi Heimrath

Genre: Drama

Countries: Germany, Netherlands, France, Canada

Berlin Alexanderplatz Official Trailer

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