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5 Is the Perfect Number 2019

5 Is the Perfect Number | 5 è il numero perfetto | 5 est le numéro parfait

5 Is the Perfect Number-5 e il numero perfetto-5 est le numero parfait

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A rain-drenched Naples in the 70ties...

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About 5 Is the Perfect Number 💬

  • Napoli, 1972.

Peppino Lo Cicero (Toni Servillo), a retired hitman for the Camorra, has now fully passed on his job and know-how to his single son, Nino (Lorenzo Lancellotti). But when Nino is brutally assassinated, the old man is back in business to take revenge. Aside from his everlasting love Rita (Valeria Golino) and his longtime henchman Totò o' Macellaio (Carlo Buccirosso), Peppino will go to any lengths, even if it means bringing the Camorra down.

5 IS THE PERFECT NUMBER is Igor Tuveri's feature directorial debut.


I had never directed a film, but my experience as a comic book writer and designer had perhaps sharpened a precise view on narrating through images and words. Cinema is the new frontier for me, a challenge that complements my other activities as a narrator and musician, which combines in one vision the dramaturgy of actors, movements, lights and sounds.

The graphic novel has its own form, but film is a language unto itself, which lives by different rules and completely autonomous. It was, therefore, necessary to reinvent the dramaturgical fabric by betraying the graphic novel I myself had written and drawn. Starting with the use of color.

Where the comic works digging into the memory of the best traditional drawings, comics and animation, the film refers to the memory of cinema and theatre.

Suggestions and atmospheres arrived on their own accord. Enriched by a fruitful exchange with Toni Servillo who loved the script. In particular, this artistic and amicable partnership has grown over time thanks to a common vision of Naples as not naturalistic, but slightly "visionary," far from the oleographic Naples we all know. I was looking for a Naples which differed from its classic image, I wanted a nocturnal city, rainy, metaphysical. Deserted.

Ideas and visions that I then was able to share with a great director of photography: Nicolaj Brüel.

To tell a life of crime it is necessary to tell and show the violence that is at the center of that way of life. Without a voyeuristic look, however. Shootings like a choreography, with bodies that seem to dance. I aimed to create scenes of tension and mystery. To allow silence to talk and pauses to enhance an epic narrative.

I wanted to bring out the humanity of the protagonist in all its contradictory fragility. For the viewer to feel empathy for a man who has done and performs reprehensible actions. In this sense, the film is a moral film. It doesn't show the figure of a hero, it doesn't sing his praises. Peppino is not the invincible boss à la Michael Corleone or the disenchanted gangster (like Ray Liotta in Goodfellas) but a mere gregarious, second-rate figure. A heinous man for rent, who spent his "criminal career" doing chores of all kinds, without batting an eyelid. And at the same time an outdated man who lives of nostalgia and melancholy.

In my view 5 IS THE PERFECT NUMBER is not just a film noir. It is the story of friendship, revenge and betrayal, of a thirst for power that leads to trampling ancient bonds, but it is also the story of a patient wait, that of Rita, and of a stubborn view of the world.

The criminal organization which is recounted is the Camorra of the past, dominated by codes of honor that seems in today's cynical eyes, obsolete, even "romantic." That Camorra was wiped out by Cutolo's New Organized Camorra in the 1980s and then transformed into the ruthless organization, we know today.

The film, however, doesn't only focus on the city, its trafficking and lowlife, it has a strong human angle: the story of a rebirth, which comes unexpectedly, when it looks like there will be no further chances at all. It's a small, bare story, that tells of a man who lived happily and without hesitation and who, following the killing of his only son, has an opportunity to judge his own life, reflect and glimpse other paths which he could have taken, which could have brought to a very different existence.

5 IS THE PERFECT NUMBER is the story of a rebirth outside that magical and brutal, poetic and violent city, in which genius and misery coexist in that balance so well evoked by the greatest Neapolitan narrators.

Igor Tuveri

5 Is the Perfect Number Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Igor Tuveri

Writing Credits

Igor Tuveri (Screenplay & Graphic Novel)


Toni Servillo

Valeria Golino

Carlo Buccirosso

Nello Mascia

Marcello Romolo

Emanuele Valenti

Lorenzo Lancellotti

Emanuele Nocerino

Valentina Curatoli

Iaia Forte

Giovanni Ludeno

Mimmo Borrelli

Gigio Morra

Edoardo Sorgente

Rocco Giordano

Cinematography by

Nicolai Brüel

Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Countries: Italy, Belgium, France

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