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College 2008



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About the College 💬

  • Best. Weekend. Ever.

''COLLEGE'' is the story of three high school seniors (Drake Bell, Andrew Caldwell, and Kevin Covais) who visit a local college campus as prospective freshman anticipating the best weekend of their lives. Once there, the rowdiest fraternity on campus (featuring Nick Zano, Gary Owen, and Zach Cregger) decides to recruit the boys as pledges, subjecting them to endless humiliations, in return for granting them access to the no-holds-barred college party scene. But once the boys catch the eye of some of the older sorority girls (Haley Bennett, Camille Mana, and Natalie Walker), the threatened Frat-boys increase the pre-frosh humiliation and blackmail them by threatening to expose their age. The boys decide to fight back, retaliating with a major revenge scheme that lands them on top.

College Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Deb Hagan

Writing Credits

Adam Ellison

Dan Callahan


Drake Bell

Kevin Covais

Andrew Caldwell

Haley Bennett

Camille Mana

Nathalie Walker

Nick Zano

Gary Owen

Zach Cregger

Alona Tal

Ryan Pinkston

Music by


Cinematography by

Dan Stoloff

Genre: Comedy

Country: United States

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