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Ca$h 2010



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Get rich - or die trying.

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About the Ca$h 💬

  • Payback's a bastard.

A young couple struggling financially think their luck might have just taken a turn for the better when they find a briefcase full of money. Good fortune quickly turns into a deadly game when the strange and sinister criminal Kubic (Sean Bean) appears on the doorstep looking to collect the missing money. CA$H is a tumultuous action-driven adventure through the mean streets of Chicago, where violence and deception are rife.

Ca$h Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Stephen Milburn Anderson

Writing Credits

Stephen Milburn Anderson


Sean Bean

Chris Hemsworth

Victoria Profeta

Peggy Roeder

Mike Starr

Michael Mantell

Cheryl Hamada

Glenn Plummer

Jacqueline Williams

Antony Thekkek

Larry Neumann Jr.

Music by

Jesse Voccia

Cinematography by

John R. Leonetti

Robert Primes

Genres: Crime, Thriller

Country: United States

Ca$h Official Trailer

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