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About the 10x10 💬

Atlanta, Georgia. Sound engineer Lewis (Luke Evans) tracks the movements of florist Cathy (Kelly Reilly) and then pounces in broad daylight, tackling her in a carpark and bundling her into his car. Back at his isolated house, he locks her in 10 feet by 10 feet a soundproofed room where, over the course of one long day, he repeatedly interrogates her, his frayed questions - and Cathy's combative answers - driving out a slew of secrets. Perceptions twist, dynamics shift, and this terrifying game of cat-and-mouse comes with life-and-death consequences...

The US kidnapping thriller is Suzi Ewing's directorial debut.

10x10 Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Suzi Ewing

Writing Credits

Noel Clarke (Screenplay)

Suzi Ewing (Additional material)


Luke Evans

Kelly Reilly

Olivia Chenery

Skye Lucia Degruttola

Norma Dixit

Noel Clarke

Jill Winternitz

Jason Maza

Stacy Hall

Music by

Christopher Holmes

Cinematography by

Aaron Reid

Genre: Thriller

Country: United Kingdom

10x10 Official Trailer

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