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10 Minutes Gone 2019

10 Minutes Gone | Jeu de pouvoir

10 Minutes Gone-Jeu de pouvoir

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About the 10 Minutes Gone 💬

  • Keep your enemies close.

Crime boss Rex (Bruce Willis) runs a handpicked crew that pulls bank robbery jobs for hire. His latest client needs a mysterious metal case extracted from an underground vault in Cincinnati, so Rex brings on safecracker Frank Sullivan (Michael Chiklis) to take out the bank's security system. Something goes wrong when the branch's alarm system alerts law enforcement. While they hold off the cops out front with a heavy show of firepower, Frank makes it out a back exit, where he is viciously ambushed. Frank recovers 10 minutes later, with no memory of the attack after taking a blow to the head. Now, Frank must confront his team members one by one to find the traitor - before Rex covers his tracks by having Frank murdered.

10 Minutes Gone Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Brian A. Miller

Writing Credits

Jeff Jingle

Kelvin Mao


Michael Chiklis

Bruce Willis

Meadow Williams

Kyle Schmid

Lydia Hull

Lala Kent

Texas Battle

Swen Temmel

John D. Hickman

Sergio Rizzuto

Tyler Jon Olson

Geoff Reeves

Amelie Santos

Music by

Josh Atchley

Cinematography by

Bob Mori

Michael Trent

Genres: Action, Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Countries: United States, Canada

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