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Open Windows 2014

Open Windows

Open Windows

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The 21st Century REAR WINDOW.

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About the Open Windows 💬

Nick Chambers (Elijah Wood) is a lucky guy. Tonight, he'll be having dinner with Jill Goddard (Sasha Grey), the hottest actress on earth.

She's promoting her latest movie and he's won the main prize in an online contest. Then he gets a call. Some guy named Chord (Neil Maskell) explains that dinner has been canceled. And it's Jill's fault: she's a high-maintenance diva, and everybody hates her guts. Chord says he can make up for it. He offers Nick the tools to spy on Jill from his computer for the rest of the night, in a way that no fan could dare dream of. The terrible truth begins to reveal itself. It looks like Chord has set up the whole situation, with Nick playing a part in a much bigger plan...

OPEN WINDOWS is a voyeuristic techno-thriller by Nacho Vigalondo.


I like to think that, in a world in which there are no more virgin territories to explore, making a film that nobody knows exactly what it is going to look like is something very close to an ideal adventure.

Some years ago my producers asked me to come up with a movie in which social networks and the language of the Internet would feature heavily. I made a counter-proposal: taking the concept to its limit by writing a film that took place entirely on the desktop of a computer, pushing the envelope of the production to make it a really unique adventure. And it's been quite a ride - writing, directing and postproduction - a process that, at certain points, we had to make up as we went along...

I'm fully aware that when it was still nothing but a screenplay, the film was a complete mystery. With that in mind, I couldn't be more grateful to Elijah, Sasha, and Neil for agreeing to incarnate the 'triangular protagonist'. Beyond any formal craziness, beyond the multiplicity of windows, the real-time aspect and the multiple plot twists, it was absolutely necessary that the three actors - and wonderful people they are - give themselves over to create something that from a distance would be fully recognizable (hero, victim, masked menace), but when looked at more closely, would reveal itself as something new - even subversive. They are three uniquely individual stars, and I couldn't be prouder that their extraordinary qualities have fulfilled the personality of this adventure.

This is a film about the opportunity of observing without being observed; about the fear of being exposed every second of our lives; about the right not to be in front of a camera. We follow the action from hundreds of different points of view, but the fundamental stance will be taken when we turn off the computer forever.

I hope that watching the film is like making the movie - at least the adventure it was for us all.

Nacho Vigalondo

Open Windows Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Nacho Vigalondo

Writing Credits

Nacho Vigalondo


Elijah Wood

Sasha Grey

Neil Maskell

Adam Quintero

Jake Klamburg

Daniel Pérez Prada

Nacho Vigalondo

Rachel Arieff

Iván González

Jaime Olías

Michelle Jenner

Julián Villagrán

Music by

Jorge Magaz

Cinematography by

Jon D. Domínguez

Genres: Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Horror, Thriller

Countries: Spain, United States

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