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Picture of Beauty 2017

Picture of Beauty

Picture of Beauty

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About the Picture of Beauty 💬

  • When inspiration comes first.

Our story is set in Eastern Europe before the First World War, a time of change at a crossroads of nations.

Stephanie (Danielle Rose) and Julia (Taylor Sands) are close friends in a small village dominated by the church, a naked swim together on a hot summers day ignites passions in both of them. Julia wants to find a romantic prince to rescue her from her unhappy family, Stephanie to experience all life has to offer. When Julia's father hears of her sexual transgression she is sadistically punished and is sent off to an arranged marriage with a policeman in nearby town. Paul (Frantisek Smejkal) a handsome young man drives the horse and coach for Julia and too late reveal his love for her.

Franek (Pawel Hajnos), a talented painter and one-time forger, is commission by a brothel to paint a large erotic painting to hang on the brothel wall and excite the patrons. Franek searches for models to pose for him and meets Stephanie. Stephanie falls in love with Franek, but Franek is cold and distant, something in his past holds him back.

Julia marries the Policeman but in the morning finds out the marriage was false and she has been tricked, she runs away.

Franek under Stephanie's influence has rekindled his love for art and painting, his painting is changing radically into modern new forms.

Julia wandering through the forest comes across young pagan revelers dancing naked around a fire to tribal drums. She meets Paul who has always loved her but losing him after being disorientated by hunger and wild mushrooms.

Franek ties up Stephanie in a ritual sexual fetish which challenges Stephanie's and Franek's beliefs.

Julia is arrested but rescued by Hazel (Magdalena Bochan-Jachimek), Stephanie and Franek, after finishing the painting they enjoy an explosion of passion, liberation and freedom. The painting is delivered to the brothel.

''The film is an erotic story to be sold in a very open and honest way in the style of such films as 'Blue is the Warmest Color' or 'Romance'. We expect to work with a mixture of artists of different backgrounds, actors who are open-minded and adult performers who have soon experience in acting.''

Maxim Ford

Picture of Beauty Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Maxim Ford

Writing Credits

Maxim Ford


Taylor Sands

Danielle Rose

Pawel Hajnos

Magdalena Bochan-Jachimek

Misha Czumaczenko

Joanna Mazewska

Joanna Sobocinska

Ernestyna Winnicka

Amer Riad El Muafy

Elen Moore

Frantisek Smejkal

Sylwia Kaczmarek

Marek Dmoch

Marek Zimakiewicz

Music by

Maciej Kierzkowski

Cinematography by

Maxim Ford

Genres: Drama, Romance

Country: United Kingdom

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