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About the OtherLife 💬

OtherLife is based on the popular novel, Solitaire, by Kelley Eskridge. The film follows brilliant software engineer, Ren Amari (De Gouw) who, haunted by the accident that has left her brother in a coma, creates OtherLife: a substance that allows users to experience hours of new memories in seconds. However, Ren's business partner, Sam Murphy (T.J. Power), has other grand designs for the future of this technology.

OtherLife Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Ben C. Lucas

Writing Credits

Ben C. Lucas

Gregory Widen

Kelley Eskridge


Jessica De Gouw

Thomas Cocquerel

T.J Power

Tiriel Mora

Liam Graham

Clarence Ryan

Priscilla-Anne Jacob

Maggie Meyer

Adriane Daff

Ian Toyne

Music by

Jed Palmer

Cinematography by

Dan Freene

Genres: Crime, Mystery, Sci-Fi (Science Fiction), Thriller

Countries: Australia, United Arab Emirates

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