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The Wind 2018

The Wind

The Wind

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About The Wind 💬

A supernatural thriller set in the Western frontier of the late 1800s, THE WIND stars Caitlin Gerard as a plains-woman driven mad by the harshness and isolation of the untamed land.

''This land, there's something wrong with it.''

Caitlin Gerard as Lizzy Macklin

An unseen evil haunts the homestead in this chilling, folkloric tale of madness, paranoia, and otherworldly terror. Lizzy Macklin (Caitlin Gerard) is a tough, resourceful frontierswoman settling a remote stretch of land on the 19th-century American frontier. Isolated from civilization in a desolate wilderness where the wind never stops howling, she begins to sense a sinister presence that seems to be borne of the land itself, an overwhelming dread that her husband Isaac (Ashley Zukerman) dismisses as superstition.

''This land is funny, you know? It plays tricks on your mind.''

Julia Goldani Telles as Emma Harper

When a newlywed couple arrives on a nearby homestead, their presence amplifies Lizzy's fears, setting into motion a shocking chain of events.

The Wind Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Emma Tammi

Writing Credits

Teresa Sutherland


Caitlin Gerard

Julia Goldani Telles

Ashley Zukerman

Dylan McTee

Miles Anderson

Martin C Patterson

Music by

Ben Lovett

Cinematography by

Lyn Moncrief

Genres: Horror, Western

Country: United States

The Wind Official Trailer

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