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Holiday 2018



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Physical and psychological violence are a way of life for this gangster family...

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About the Holiday 💬

A love triangle featuring the trophy girlfriend of a petty drug lord caught up in a web of luxury and violence in a modern dark gangster tale set in the beautiful port city of Bodrum on the Turkish Riviera.

  • Only two things can get in the way of family ties: Money and Michael.

Michael (Lai Yde), a Danish gangster, takes his girlfriend, Sascha (Victoria Carmen Sonne), and his extended criminal family on a luxury vacation in a fancy villa in gorgeous Bodrum, Turkey. Young and beautiful Sascha discovers her dream life of luxury, recklessness and fun. Shopping, waterparks, barbecuing, and hardcore partying fill their days and nights. Having little regard for anything or anybody outside their world, they exist in a bubble of excess that is governed by Michael's rules - and if the code is broken, they all know that violence will follow. But when Sascha befriends a Dutchman with romantic designs on her, she toys with Michael's authority and creates a situation that cannot end well.

HOLIDAY is the feature film debut from Director/Writer Isabella Eklöf.


We so often focus too much on the danger of the dark bushes late at night in the park, when what we should be talking about is the danger that sits right in front of us in the brightness of day.

I hope this film reaches out especially to women or anyone who has been put into a submissive position. I hope they feel recognized and that they have had their story told.

I also hope the audience thinks to be less judgmental. Don't look away. And remember to also forgive because it's likely you are doing the exact same thing yourself.

Isabella Eklöf

Holiday Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Isabella Eklöf

Writing Credits

Isabella Eklöf

Johanne Algren


Victoria Carmen Sonne

Lai Yde

Thijs Römer

Michiel de Jong

Yuval Segal

Mill Jober

Laura Kjær

Bo Brønnum

Morten Hemmingsen

Adam Ild Rohweder

Stanislav Sevcik

Saxe Rankenberg Frey

Music by

Martin Dirkov

Cinematography by

Nadim Carlsen

Genres: Crime, Drama

Countries: Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden

Holiday Official Trailer

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