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Hackers 1995



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About the Hackers 💬

  • You thought your secrets were safe. You were wrong.

The date was August 10, 1988. A nasty virus crashed 1,507 systems in one day.

A neophyte ''hacker'' becomes the target of the FBI after he unknowingly taps into a high-tech embezzling scheme which could cause a horrific environmental disaster in this suspenseful drama...

''The defendant, Dade Murphy, who calls himself 'Zero Cool', has repeatedly committed criminal acts of a malicious nature. This defendant possesses a superior intelligence, which he uses to a destructive and antisocial end. His computer virus crashed 1507 systems, including Wall Street trading systems, single-handedly causing a seven-point drop in the New York stock market. Dade Murphy, l hereby fine your family $45,000. l sentence you to probation. You are forbidden to use a computer or a touchtone telephone until the day of your 18th birthday.''

  • Their only crime was curiosity.

While practicing the tricks of the trade, a neophyte ''hacker'' accomplishes the nearly impossible: he hacks the highly secured computer at the Ellingson Mineral Corporation. But in doing so, he unknowingly taps into a high-tech embezzling scheme masked by a computer virus with the potential to destroy the world's ecosystem!

''This is our world now... The world of the electron and the switch; the beauty of the baud. We exist without nationality, skin color, or religious bias. You wage wars, murder, cheat, lie to us and try to make us believe it's for our own good, yet we're the criminals. Yes, l am a criminal. My crime is that of curiosity. l am a hacker, and this is my manifesto. You may stop me, but you can't stop us all.''

The Mentor, The Hacker's Manifesto

  • Boot up or shut up!

And when the young hacker and his pals are targeted for the crime, the group must launch a massive cyberspace attack - one that will hopefully clear their names and prevent ecological disaster.

''I'm the one that understands you. You wanted to know who I am, Zero Cool? Well, let me explain the New World Order. Governments and corporations need people like you and me. We are samurai. The keyboard cowboys. And all those other people out there who have no idea what's going on are the cattle. Mooo! I need your help, you need my help. Let me help you earn your spurs. Ahh, think about it.''

Fisher Stevens as The Plague

  • Mess with the best, die like the rest.

Hackers became an underground hit instantly, inspiring music and fashion for the brand-new Internet culture, and has been even hailed as prophetic in its use of computers and hacking.

''Remember, hacking is more than just a crime. It's a survival trait!''

Peter Y. Kim as Blade

Hackers Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Iain Softley

Writing Credits

Rafael Moreu


Jonny Lee Miller

Angelina Jolie

Matthew Lillard

Jesse Bradford

Renoly Santiago

Laurence Mason

Fisher Stevens

Alberta Watson

Wendell Pierce

Marc Anthony

Michael Gaston

Peter Y. Kim

Music by

Guy Pratt

Simon Boswell

Cinematography by

Andrzej Sekula

Genres: Comedy, Crime, Drama, Thriller

Country: United States

Hackers Official Trailer

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