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Ayka 2018

Ayka | My Little One | Ajka | Айка | 小家伙

Ayka-My Little One-Ajka

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A drama about an impoverished young Kyrgyz woman trying to survive in Moscow after abandoning her newborn baby.

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About Ayka 💬

Ayka (Samal Yeslyamova) just gave birth.
She can't afford to raise a child.
She has no job, debts to be paid, not even a room of her own.
But there is no way to suppress her natural instincts.


It began with a dry newspaper statistic: 'In 2010 in maternity hospitals in Moscow, 248 babies were given up by mothers from Kyrgyzstan.' I was in shock for a long time after reading this: How could it be? What could be the reason behind Kyrgyz mothers voluntarily giving up their babies en masse, abandoning them in a foreign country? What could force them to commit such an act, unnatural for any woman, much less women from the intensely family-oriented cultures of Central Asia? I realized I had to make a film about this: a film about a Kyrgyz girl abandoning her newborn child in a Moscow maternity ward and the circumstances that led to this decision. The fact is, however, that this film is about all of us: about what happens when relations between a person and their environment reach such extremes that he or she begins to deteriorate morally. Life itself, nature, must intervene and force the individual to re-evaluate and to change, sometimes even against his or her will.

Sergei Dvortsevoy

Ayka Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Sergei Dvortsevoy

Writing Credits

Sergei Dvortsevoy

Gennadiy Ostrovskiy


Samal Yeslyamova

Zhipara Abdilaeva

David Alaverdyan

Sergey Mazur

Slava Agashkin

Askhat Kuchencherekov

Kenzhebek Karybaev

Cinematography by

Jolanta Dylewska

Genre: Drama

Countries: Russia, Germany, Poland, China, France, Kazakhstan

Ayka Official Trailer

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