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Valley of Souls 2019

Valley of Souls | Tantas Almas

Valley of Souls-Tantas Almas

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VALLEY OF SOULS is the story of a lonely journey.

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About the Valley of Souls 💬

Colombia, on the banks of Magdalena Medio, 2002.

José returns home deep in the forest after a long fishing night to discover that paramilitary forces killed his two sons, Dionisio and Rafael, and threw their bodies into the river.

José begins a lonely journey to retrieve and provide a proper burial for his boys, in order to prevent their tormented souls from being stuck in this world. Aboard his canoe, José discovers the magic of a country torn into pieces.

  • COLOMBIA IN 2002

The story of VALLEY OF SOULS is not an old one. It takes place in 2003, a pivotal year of paramilitary violence, long-hidden internationally. Where does it come from?

In Colombia, in the late 1980s, drug lords, landowners, regional politicians and high-ranking soldiers decided to form right-wing militias to strengthen their power.

Very quickly and everywhere, under the name of Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia (AUC), these militias started to attack the peasant population and any progressive civil organization, with the unofficial support of the government through the president of the time, Alvaro Uribe.

Their systematic killings and the horror of the survivors eventually created the largest internal displacement of population in the world (9 million people according to UN).

The lands left behind were recovered by a warrior elite who saw and keeps seeing in the mining and the exploitation of the biofuel new business opportunities. Nobody could stand against so much profitability. However...

Valley of Souls Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Nicolás Rincón Gille

Writing Credits

Nicolás Rincón Gille


Arley de Jesús

Carvallido Lobo

Cinematography by

Juan Sarmiento G.

Genre: Drama

Countries: Colombia, Brazil, Belgium, France

Valley of Souls Official Trailer

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