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Nightmare City 1980

Nightmare City | City of the Walking Dead | Invasion by the Atomic Zombies | Incubo sulla città contaminata | La invasión de los zombies atómicos

Nightmare City-City of the Walking Dead-Invasion by the Atomic Zombies-Incubo sullo citta contaminata-La invasion de-los zombies atomicos

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About Nightmare City 💬

  • Just when you thought the dead were buried... They're Back!

In true Zombie Flesh Eaters form, our story begins with the arrival of an ominous, seemingly unmanned craft - in this instance, a military plane making an unscheduled landing at a European airport.

  • Now they are everywhere! There is no escape!

Upon forcing the aircraft doors open, the waiting soldiers get a nasty shock when outbursts a horde of flesh-hungry, pizza-faced radioactive ghouls. The walking dead are here, and they're hungry!

Nightmare City Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Umberto Lenzi

Writing Credits

Antonio Cesare Corti

Luis María Delgado

Piero Regnoli


Hugo Stiglitz

Laura Trotter

Mel Ferrer

Maria Rosaria Omaggio

Stefania D'Amario

Francisco Rabal

Manuel Zarzo

Tom Felleghy

Sonia Viviani

Eduardo Fajardo

Ugo Bologna

Fiamma Maglione

Sara Franchetti

Pierangelo Civera

Achille Belletti

Music by

Stelvio Cipriani

Cinematography by

Hans Burmann

Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi (Science Fiction), Thriller

Countries: Italy, Spain, Mexico

Nightmare City Official Trailer

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