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The Whaler Boy 2020

The Whaler Boy | Kitoboy | Китобой | Wielorybnik

The Whaler Boy-Kitoboy-Wielorybnik
The Whaler Boy-Kitoboy-Wielorybnik

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Bering Strait, Russia's borderline with Alaska, in a whale-hunting village, where men resort to online webcam chat...

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About The Whaler Boy 💬

Leshka (Vladimir Onokhov) lives in an isolated village on the Bering Strait, which is located between Chukotka and Alaska and divides Russia from America. He is a teenager, and like most men in his village, he is a whale hunter who leads a very uneventful life out at the far edge of the world. But the internet's recent arrival in Leshka's village means the predominantly male population now gathers in a shed every evening to watch gorgeous girls thousands of kilometers away dance on the screen of a constantly buffering erotic webcam chat site.

For most of the guys, it's just a bit of fun, but Leshka takes it seriously. He encounters a beautiful girl on the chat site and falls in love with her. Leshka's first love transforms him beyond recognition: he is now determined to find the camgirl in the real world, where a crazy journey awaits him.


The idea for this film came to me during a trip to the Far North of Russia. We visited one small fishing village whose young women had all recently left to spend the summer studying in the big city. The girls' departure was a real tragedy for the local guys, who were left to spend three long months alone. Surrounded by the endless tundra, the young men were completely isolated from women - it wasn't like the girls from the next village could just come to visit, and the internet connection was poor. The only place the boys could look at girls was in an erotic webcam chat that kept freezing.

It was then that I drafted the first version of this story. I decided to move the setting to Chukotka, to a small village populated by whale hunters. The protagonist, Leshka, experiences the typical teenage problems of loneliness, longing to find love, and feeling misunderstood by his friends. It is precisely these experiences that make the story universal and relatable to audiences beyond the remote location where the story unfolds and the little-known cultures and customs of the Russian Far North.

The Whaler Boy Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Philipp Yuryev

Writing Credits

Philipp Yuryev


Vladimir Onokhov

Kristina Asmus

Vladimir Lyubimtsev

Nikolay Tatato

Arieh Worthalter

Maria Chuprinskaya

Music by

Krzysztof A. Janczak

Cinematography by

Mikhail Khursevich

Yakov Mironichev

Genre: Drama

Countries: Russia, Poland, Belgium

The Whaler Boy Official Trailer

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