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Band of Brothers-TV Mini-Series

Band of Brothers | TV Mini-Series

Band of Brothers

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There Was A Time When The World Asked Ordinary Men To Do Extraordinary Things.

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About the Band of Brothers 💬

''Without mercy. Without compassion. Without remorse. All war depends on it.''

Matthew Settle as Capt. Ronald C. Speirs

  • Ordinary men. Extraordinary times.

Based on the bestseller by Stephen E. Ambrose, the epic 10-part miniseries BAND OF BROTHERS tells the story of Easy Company, 506th Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division, U.S. Army.

  • They depended on each other. And the world depended on them.

Drawn from interviews with survivors of Easy Company, as well as soldiers' journals and letters, BAND OF BROTHERS chronicles the experiences of these men who knew extraordinary bravery and extraordinary fear. They were an elite rifle company parachuting into France early on D-Day morning, fighting in the Battle of the Bulge and capturing Hitler's Eagle's Nest at Berchtesgaden. They were also a unit that suffered 150 percent casualties, and whose lives became a legend.

  • PART 1: Currahee

Two days before the Allied invasion of Normandy, Lt. Winters and Nixon reflect on the events that led Easy Company to D-Day...

In Toccoa, Ga., 1942, a disparate group of young men begins voluntary training to become members of one of America's newest military regiments - the paratroopers. Under the harsh leadership of Lt. Herbert M. Sobel (David Schwimmer), members of the newly formed Easy Co. go from green civilians to some of the Army's most elite soldiers. As training progresses, a rivalry flares between Sobel, whom the men despise, and Lt. Richard D. Winters (Damian Lewis), a junior officer who's earned the respect and admiration of the company.

  • PART 2: Day of Days

D-Day. Due to German flak, the tense men of Easy Company are dropped all over the Normandy countryside...

On June 6, 1944, D-Day, planes with thousands of paratroopers cross the English Channel to France, where they come under heavy fire. None of the men land where they expected to, and many lose their weapons and supplies in the drop. Winters links up with solitary soldiers, and they set off to find their units. Winters is later chosen to lead an attack on a fortified German artillery position; the mission is successful, but Winters, now acting company commander, loses his first man.

  • PART 3: Carentan

On D-Day plus two, the scattered men of Easy Company regroup and prepare to take the town of Carentan...

Two days after D-Day, Easy Co. is sent to take the town of Carentan, engaging in a successful battle that results in several casualties. Some soldiers, including Pvt. Albert Blithe (Marc Warren), have a difficult time adjusting to combat. After 36 days in Normandy and several fierce battles, Easy returns to England, but their celebrations are short-lived, as news comes that they're moving out again.

  • PART 4: Replacements

Back in England, Easy Company's D-Day veterans heal and get acquainted with green replacement members...

Due to heavy casualties, a group of fresh paratrooper replacements joins Easy Co. in time for a massive drop into German-occupied Holland for Operation Market-Garden. While met with no resistance in Eindhoven, Easy and a cluster of British tanks are repelled from a nearby town by a superior German force, sustaining many casualties as they retreat. The Allied plan to enter Germany through Holland and end the war before Christmas fails.

  • PART 5: Crossroads

Lt. Winters leads a contingent on a risky mission over a Dutch dike while the rest of Easy Company undertakes a rescue...

Winters leads a risky mission on a Dutch dike, resulting in a resounding victory, for which he is promoted to Battalion Executive Officer. Dissatisfied with his new, largely administrative job, Winters is concerned about the leadership of the three companies he now commands. After a weekend pass to Paris, news arrives of a massive Axis effort in the Ardennes Forest, threatening to break the Allied lines. Easy Co. races in to hold the line, ill-equipped for the bitterly cold weather and the entrenched battle ahead.

  • PART 6: Bastogne

The men of Easy Company fend off frostbite, hunger and the enemy while holding the line in a forest outside of Bastogne...

In the dead of winter, in the forest outside of Bastogne, Belgium, the men of Easy Company struggle to hold the line alone while fending off frostbite and hunger, having arrived with no winter clothes and little supplies and ammunition. Medic Eugene G. Roe (Shane Taylor) is overwhelmed, on edge and close to combat exhaustion when he finds friendship with a Belgian nurse. Easy Co. spends a miserable Christmas in the trenches, and receives the news that the German army's demand for surrender was met with Gen. Anthony McAuliffe's (William Armstrong) defiant answer: ''Nuts!''

  • PART 7: The Breaking Point

After the winter, Easy Company must take the town of Foy despite an incompetent new commander...

Having thwarted the Germans at Bastogne, the exhausted Easy Co. must now take the nearby town of Foy from the enemy. Several are killed and wounded in fierce shelling, compounded by the incompetence of their commander, Lt. Norman S. Dike Jr. (Peter O'Meara), about whom Winters can do nothing. Easy takes Foy, but at an enormous cost.

  • PART 8: The Last Patrol

Easy Company is ordered to send a patrol to take enemy prisoners in the Alsatian town of Haguenau...

Easy Co. arrives in the Alsacian town of Haguenau near the German border, and are ordered to send a patrol across the river to take enemy prisoners. Lt. Henry Jones (Colin Hanks), fresh from West Point and eager for combat experience, volunteers to lead. While successful, the mission costs another paratrooper's life, prompting Winters to ignore the order to send a second patrol the next night.

  • PART 9: Why We Fight

Arriving in Germany, the men discover an abandoned Nazi concentration camp still filled with emaciated prisoners...

Easy Co. finally enters Germany, to surprisingly little resistance, and has a chance to relax for the first time in a long time. A patrol in a nearby forest discovers an abandoned Nazi concentration camp, still filled with emaciated prisoners. The local citizenry, unbelievably disavowing knowledge of its existence, is made to clean it up, as the news arrives that Hitler is dead.

  • PART 10: Points

In the concluding episode, Winters leads Easy Company to take the Eagle's Nest - Hitler's mountaintop fortress...

Once home to the top officers of the Third Reich, Easy Co. enters the Bavarian town of Berchtesgaden, and captures ''Eagle's Nest,'' Hitler's mountaintop fortress. Facing imminent deployment to the Pacific Theater, the men compare their ''points'' to see who has earned enough to go home. However, the Japanese surrender ends the war. A closing vignette tells what happened to the men of Easy Company after they returned home.

Band of Brothers Movie Details 🎥

Series Directed by

David Frankel

Mikael Salomon

David Leland

David Nutter

Phil Alden Robinson

Richard Loncraine

Tom Hanks

Tony To

Series Writing Credits

Stephen Edward Ambrose

Bruce C. McKenna

Erik Jendresen

Erik Bork

Graham Yost

John Orloff

E. Max Frye

Tom Hanks


Damian Lewis, Donnie Wahlberg, Ron Livingston, Matthew Settle, Rick Warden, Frank John Hughes, Scott Grimes, David Schwimmer, Adam James, Colin Hanks, Craig Heaney, Dale Dye, Dexter Fletcher, Doug Allen, Douglas Spain, Eion Bailey, George Calil, James Madio, Kirk Acevedo, Matthew Leitch, Michael Cudlitz, Michael Fassbender, Neal McDonough, Nicholas Aaron, Nolan Hemmings, Peter McCabe, Peter Youngblood Hills, Philip Barantini, Rene L. Moreno, Richard Speight Jr., Rick Gomez, Robin Laing, Ross McCall, Shane Taylor, Simon Pegg, Tim Matthews.

Series Music by

Michael Kamen

Series Cinematography by

Joel Ransom

Remi Adefarasin

Categories: Golden Globes, Golden Globe Winner, Emmys, Primetime Emmy Award Winner

Genres: Action, Drama, History, War

Countries: United States, United Kingdom

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