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Spider in the Web 2019

Spider in the Web | Akavish Ba'Reshet

Spider in the Web-Akavish Ba'Reshet

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Two Mossad agents on an existential journey across Belgium and Holland. Success means everything. Failure means death.

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About Spider in the Web 💬

'Man is like a breath, his days are but a fleeting shadow'
PSALMS 144:4

  • Inspired by true events.

Two men sit face to face on a train from Brussels to Amsterdam. Adereth (63), one of the best field agents of the Israeli Mossad, is on the most important journey of his life. Daniel (34), is the young agent sent to watch over him as Adereth has become a liability - some of his superiors are convinced that he is fabricating intelligence in order to delay his impending retirement, in order to stay relevant. As hostile forces attempt to harm the two agents, the journey becomes a requiem for Adereth, emphasizing his emotional turmoil and solitude. Daniel treats Adereth with suspicion but as they move along he is pulled in by his charisma and vast knowledge of the world, of human behavior, of life. For Adereth, success means continuing to serve the Mossad, failure means his life has no meaning anymore, perhaps no life at all. For both, it is a journey of survival.

Spider in the Web Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Eran Riklis

Writing Credits

Emmanuel Naccache

Gidon Maron


Ben Kingsley

Monica Bellucci

Itay Tiran

Itzik Cohen

Wim Pulinx

Filip Peeters

Hilde Van Mieghem

Marcel Hensema

Makram Khoury

Music by

Jonathan Riklis

Cinematography by

Richard Van Oosterhout

Genres: Crime, Thriller

Countries: Israel, Belgium, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Portugal

Spider in the Web Official Trailer

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