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Heroic Losers 2019

Heroic Losers | La odisea de los Giles

Heroic Losers-La odisea de los Giles

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About the Heroic Losers 💬

Argentina, December 2001. In a small town, a group of friends and neighbors raise money in order to reactivate an agricultural cooperative. While they think that they lost their money because of the collapse of the banking system, they find out that they have been scammed by an unscrupulous lawyer and the bank manager. Assuming the situation, this group of neighbors decides to organize and put together a detailed plan with the aim of recovering what belongs to them.


It is the year 2001 and Argentina has suffered an economic and financial default sending millions of people into bankruptcy and despair. It is in this context that a group of people coming from different socio-economic backgrounds get together to challenge the establishment, in this case represented by the lawyer, Manzi, and the bank manager, Alvarado. Their aim is to get back the dream they were stripped of by successfully carrying out a plan they are not remotely qualified to execute.

It is a fantasy, something to aspire to but that is highly unlikely, hence its unique magnetism. The journey this group of mortals must undergo to face the system is at the core of the narrative. Certain passages can be associated with Italian neorealism in some of the story and character traits, these make it easy to empathize with the movie as a whole. I am tempted to say this movie fits in the comedy genre but right when I'm about to, the darkness and drama evident in the backbone of some of the plot's passages come to mind. In these moments, I tried to deeply connect with emotion while avoiding melodramatic tendencies.

Sebastián Borensztein

Heroic Losers Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Sebastián Borensztein

Writing Credits

Sebastián Borensztein and Eduardo Sacheri (Written by)

Eduardo Sacheri (Novel)


Ricardo Darín

Chino Darín

Verónica Llinás

Ailín Zaninovich

Luis Brandoni

Daniel Aráoz

Carlos Belloso

Rita Cortese

Marco Antonio Caponi

Guillermo Jacubowicz

Alejandro Gigena

Ramiro Vayo

Andrés Parra

Jaqueline Pietrani

Luciano Cazaux

Ruben Albarracín

Karina Hernández

Music by

Federico Jusid

Cinematography by

Rodrigo Pulpeiro

Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama, History, Thriller

Countries: Argentina, Spain

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