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Lillian 2019

Lillian Alling


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The movie is based on a real event that happened in 1927. Her name was Lillian Alling.

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About Lillian 💬

  • Based on a true story.

Lillian (Patrycja Planik) is a Russian porn actress in New York who unexpectedly leaves the set of a film shoot one day in order to walk back to her home country. Starting in March she crosses the North American continent and eventually reaches Beringia, the remote area between Alaska and Siberia, by late fall. Lillian disappears in the inhospitable arctic wilderness and the film ends on the Siberian side of the Bering Strait, depicting the primordial fight for the survival of indigenous Chukotkan whale hunters. Apart from Lillian's personal story, throughout the film the camera is equally interested in the regions Lillian passes and their often peculiar inhabitants.


The starting point for our film and our journey was the story of a Russian woman living in New York City, who one day set out to walk back to her homeland. It was only by accident that she was discovered by workmen in the Canadian boreal forest. Despite their warnings, she pursued her march alone toward the Bering Strait. Her name was Lillian Alling, the year was 1927. To this day she is still considered missing. Her determination fascinated me and the idea for LILLIAN has followed me for 15 years.

The deafening metropolis of New York, a rustling cornfield somewhere in the Midwest, and a lonely beach on the Bering Strait... If you connect these three places with a line, you obtain Lillian's approximate route. On top of that, envision the abstract idea of this route projected on the globe. I tried to keep this "satellite perspective" in mind, even while shooting the film.

If you imagine the situations you might get into while walking across North America, stories of course spring to mind. But the film is essentially the product of improvisation and chance. There was no script. From the outset it was planned that accidental encounters would be incorporated into the film's storyline and would determine its narrative.

Andreas Horvath

Lillian Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Andreas Horvath

Writing Credits

Andreas Horvath


Patrycja Planik

Music by

Andreas Horvath

Cinematography by

Andreas Horvath

Genres: Documentary, Drama

Country: Austria

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