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What Remains-TV Mini-Series

What Remains | TV Mini-Series

What Remains

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About the What Remains 💬

Detective Inspector Len Harper (David Threlfall) is on the case and is determined to find answers...

  • Melissa had been in the loft for quite a while... dead.

When the decomposed body of Melissa Young (Jessica Gunning) is found by a couple in their new flat, DI Len Harper is determined to discover what happened to her and why nobody noticed she was missing.

  • Episode 1: Detective Inspector Len Harper investigates when a couple discover a decomposed body in their loft...

When Michael (Russell Tovey) and his heavily pregnant partner Vidya (Amber Rose Revah) move into a flat in Coulthard Street, they are shocked to discover the decomposed body of a woman in the loft.

With a week left until retirement, DI Len Harper begins to question her neighbors. He discovers that even though she had not been seen for over two years, nobody had raised an alarm or even noticed that she was gone.

Len must work hard to uncover the secrets of the residents and give the deceased the attention in death she so sorely missed in life.

  • Episode 2: Drawn back to his investigation, Len discovers the house will not give up its secrets...

Struggling to adapt to the loneliness of his retirement, Len finds himself drawn back to his on-going investigation into Melissa's unexplained death. With time on her hands as she waits for the baby's arrival, a concerned Vidya helps Len and they discover the house is reluctant to give up its secrets. As he questions the residents, Len slowly pieces together how they knew Melissa. Is the beautiful but controlling Elaine (Indira Varma) telling him the whole truth? And what might she do to stop her girlfriend Peggy (Victoria Hamilton) from leaving her?

  • Episode 3: Len realizes hidden truths behind the fragile lies of the residents of Number 8...

Len begins to uncover the hidden truths behind the fragile lies of the residents of Number 8. Each one is reluctant to acknowledge Melissa, and is hiding secrets from the outside world. Melissa's intimate relationship with a damaged neighbor is revealed. Did the fallout from this liaison play a part in her death?

When Len is rocked by a personal tragedy it is up to Vidya and Patricia (Claudie Blakley) to follow a new lead, which forces the residents to admit the truth. With so many secrets, can Len discover the truth in time? And can he really cope with the tangled web he has woven?

  • Episode 4: A shocking confession forces Len to go to extreme lengths to solve the case...

The four-part drama comes to a shocking conclusion.

With the residents of Coulthard Street moving on and the inquest into Melissa's death now complete, Len finds it hard to let go. When a suspect makes a shocking confession Len doubts the outcome and goes to extreme lengths to solve the case before it is too late. When he stumbles across the hidden past of one of the residents he must appeal to his former colleagues to help make an arrest.

Are the residents of Coulthard Street still in danger? More importantly - who really murdered Melissa Young?

What Remains TV Mini-Series Details 🎥

Series Directed by

Coky Giedroyc

Series Writing Credits

Tony Basgallop


David Threlfall, Lisa Millett, Russell Tovey, Amber Rose Revah, David Bamber, Denise Gough, Steven Mackintosh, Alexander Arnold, Claudie Blakley, Martha Mackintosh, Victoria Hamilton, Indira Varma, Jessica Gunning.

Series Music by

Harry Escott

Series Cinematography by

Zac Nicholson

Genres: Drama, Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Country: United Kingdom

What Remains Official Trailer

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