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Secret Defense 2008

Secret Defense (State Secret) | Secret Défense | Secret défense | Secrets of State

Secret Defense (State Secret) - Secrets of State

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About the Secret Defense 💬

''Until you sell your soul to the devil, the devil will keep trying to buy it.''

Every day in our country, terrorist movements and intelligence services give themselves over to a war without mercy in the name of adamant ideologies. And yet, terrorists and secret service agents lead almost the same lives

Condemned to a life in the shadows, these strategists of manipulation adhere to the same methods. Alex (Gérard Lanvin) and Al Barad (Simon Abkarian) are two of these people. One is the head of the DGSE (Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure), France's intelligence service, while the other runs a terrorist network. They confront each other by using the most formidable weapons available: human beings.

SECRET DEFENSE tells of their secret war through the destinies of Diane (Vahina Giocante), a student recruited by the French secret service, and Pierre (Nicolas Duvauchelle), a misfit delinquent who believes he's found salvation in terrorism.

Trained and indoctrinated for missions beyond their capabilities, both get caught in a spiral from which it seems there is no escape.

Will they be sacrificed in the name of the ''noble'' causes?

Secret Defense Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Philippe Haïm

Writing Credits

Julien Sibony


Gérard Lanvin

Vahina Giocante

Nicolas Duvauchelle

Catherine Hiegel

Simon Abkarian

Rachida Brakni

Mehdi Nebbou

Aurélien Wiik

Nicolas Marié

Katia Lewkowicz

Kamel Belghazi

Djemel Barek

Carim Messalti

Hassam Ghancy

Salem Kali

Moussa Maaskri

Saïd Amadis

Music by

Alexandre Azaria

Cinematography by

Jérôme Alméras

Genres: Crime, Thriller

Country: France

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