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Post Mortem 2010

Post Mortem

Post Mortem

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September 11th, 1973. A bloody revolution in Chile. He had to deal with the bodies. He chose the wrong time to fall in love.

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About the Post Mortem 💬

The second part of director Pablo Larraín's trilogy (Tony Manero - Post Mortem - No) about Chile during the dictatorial reign of Augusto Pinochet, POST MORTEM about a civil servant transformed by the 1973 military coup.

  • Santiago de Chile, 1973.

Mario Cornejo (Alfredo Castro) is an unassuming state employee who transcribes notes during autopsies. Furtive and lonely, he becomes obsessed with his neighbor, the dancehall girl Nancy Puelma (Antonia Zegers), who is involved with a group of left-wing activists. With the coup, and the death of President Salvador Allende, Nancy's friends are hunted down, and Mario's hospital becomes clogged with the bodies of dissenters. Soon the violence filters into Mario's psyche, and he begins to break down, much like his country.

Following the Tony Manero, POST MORTEM is that remains urgently relevant to the repressive regimes of today.

''POST MORTEM'' is his third feature film.


This is the story of an apparently insignificant and charmless couple. It's Chile's story during the military coup. Mario's idea of conquering the impossible love of a woman is also the ideal of a nation trying to conquer a noble but unattainable political model (Socialism). All this amid the bodies of those who died as a result of military ideals imposed with no care for their cost or consequences. Set in one of Chile's darkest and bloodiest periods, POST MORTEM weaves together three cinematographic, aesthetic and ethical strands - the testimonial, the historical and the fictional - seeking its poetic rhythm in the confusion, absurdity and aftermath of a journey with no purpose.

Pablo Larraín

Post Mortem Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Pablo Larraín

Writing Credits

Pablo Larraín and Mateo Iribarren (Screenplay)

Eliseo Altunaga (Screenplay Advisor)


Alfredo Castro

Antonia Zegers

Marcelo Alonso

Amparo Noguera

Jaime Vadell

Marcial Tagle

Santiago Graffigna

Ernesto Malbran

Aldo Parodi

Music by

Juan Cristóbal Meza

Cinematography by

Sergio Armstrong

Genre: Drama

Countries: Chile, Mexico

Post Mortem Official Trailer

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