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About the Star 💬

Russian-Armenian writer-director Anna Melikyan's this independent film is a classic ''cinderella'' romance set in a big city, following three different persons, three different lives who are connected in a mysterious way: a 15-year-old suffering of misunderstanding, his glamorous and arrogant stepmother, and an untalented but full of optimism young actress - all bound up in a story of eternal fragility of our existence...

  • Love is worthy of life. Life is worthy of love.

A young debuting actress dreams of being a famous star admired by everybody. She lacks talent so she's planning to have plastic surgery to help her succeed. She is always an optimist, with an infectiously carefree attitude and joie de vivre. The extremely sensitive 15-year-old boy feeling at odds with the world is her opposite. He is misunderstood by his father and his stepmother, a worldly and haughty woman who is capable of true feelings only on the verge of death. A tragicomedy about destiny, the vulnerability of our existence and the inscrutability of love, a story about people whose lives are fancifully intertwined.

''When coming up with Star, I wanted to make a film about life, because, at this point, life is particularly acute - it is necessary to enjoy every day, every minute of the past. Because the most important things in life are happening here and now. Time is given to live with joy and not with astonishment. And there's no tomorrow.''

Anna Melikyan

Star Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Anna Melikyan

Writing Credits

Anna Melikyan

Andrey Migachev


Tinatin Dalakishvili

Severija Janusauskaite

Pavel Tabakov

Andrey Smolyakov

Darya Charusha

Juozas Budraitis

Aleksandr Sheyn Jr.

Yuriy Kutsenko

Music by

Alina Orlova

Anna Drubich

Igor Vdovin

Cinematography by

Alisher Khamidkhodzhaev

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Country: Russia

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