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Infinitely Polar Bear 2014

Infinitely Polar Bear

Infinitely Polar Bear

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About the Infinitely Polar Bear 💬

  • Based on a true story.

INFINITELY POLAR BEAR is a funny and heartbreaking portrait of the many unexpected ways in which parents and children save each other.

  • What it takes to keep a family together

Mark Ruffalo and Zoe Saldana star in this comedic drama about a manic-depressive Harvard dropout struggling to care for his two daughters as his estranged wife attends graduate school in New York City.

The year is 1978. Cam Stuart (Mark Ruffalo), black sheep of an old New England family, is fresh off a manic-depressive breakdown. His wife, Maggie (Zoe Saldana), has left him, taking their two young girls (Ashley Aufderheide and Imogene Wolodarsky). Cam misses his family terribly; and when Maggie goes to New York City to get her MBA, she asks Cam to move in and take care of their daughters. Cam insists that Maggie return to help him every weekend, and eventually, the four of them figure out a new and unconventional way to be a family.


I love personal, idiosyncratic films about families: films that connect us to each other and to our humanity. Yet I had been working in Hollywood as a writer for many years, busily not writing the kind of film that I love best. In 2007, I resolved to finish a personal script about my childhood.

When I was six, my world imploded. My father suffered a series of manic breakdowns and my parents separated as a result. We moved from a house in the country to a tiny apartment in the city of Cambridge. My mother was finding it impossible to get a decent job. My sister and I were attending our local public school, which was rough and underfunded. My father's family, one of the most established in New England, would not help us financially because of the bizarre family rules about money: you were never supposed to ask for it, and if you did, they shamed you.

My mother was desperate. She wanted her daughters to get a good education. So in 1978, when I was ten, she enrolled in Columbia Business School in the belief that an advanced degree would help her save our futures. She left us in the care of our manic-depressive father and came back to help every weekend, sleeping on the sofa. I wrote INFINITELY POLAR BEAR about this difficult time. My mother's plan seemed crazy. My sister and I were sad and furious and ashamed of the way we lived. And yet, in the end, it worked. We became our own version of a family - just like so many families out there who survive, and even thrive, in unconventional ways.

When I finished the script for INFINITELY POLAR BEAR, I knew what I wanted to see: a film that was funny, sad, authentic and warm. The warmth was very important to me. I wanted to see a humane film about the effects of mental illness on a family. I wanted to see real, resilient children. I wanted to see a movie about love and the hard choices people have to make every day.

And once I had seen it so clearly in my mind, once I knew how it was supposed to look and sound and feel, I knew that I had to direct it. This decision meant getting it made would take years and that the movie might never be made at all. But if I gave it to someone else to direct, I would forever be haunted by what might have been.

So while the idea of directing the film scared me, the idea of chickening out scared me more. I have two daughters and I am always telling them the same things my mom told me: take creative risks; don't be afraid of being the boss; be bold; you can only truly fail by not trying. For my daughters, I had to take this leap. I had a vision and I followed it.

Maya Forbes

Infinitely Polar Bear Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Maya Forbes

Writing Credits

Maya Forbes


Mark Ruffalo

Zoe Saldana

Imogene Wolodarsky

Ashley Aufderheide

Beth Dixon

Keir Dullea

Manoah Angelo

Music by

Theodore Shapiro

Cinematography by

Bobby Bukowski

Category: Golden Globes, Golden Globe Nominee

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Country: United States

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