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Werewolf 2018

Werewolf | Survivors | Wilkolak


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About the Werewolf 💬

After liberation from the concentration camp, a group of children finds shelter in an abandoned palace in the midst of a dark forest. However, their newly gained freedom is threatened as a pack of guard dogs, who have also escaped from the camp, become aware of them - trained to kill, they are now waiting for their prey...

The beautiful summer of 1945 in the Owl Mountains. A provisional orphanage is created for a group of children that have just been liberated from the Gross Rosen concentration camp. The orphanage is located in a mysteriously abandoned palace lost in the forest. 20-year-old Hanka (Sonia Mietielica), a former prisoner herself, becomes their guardian. The resolute protagonists regain strength and joy after the terrible time of the camp. But the terror returns and breaks the fairy tale. German shepherds from the camp set free by the SS officers just before the camp was liberated now roam the forests. The group of hungry dogs trained to kill surrounds the palace. All attempts to get out fail. The children, without food or water, start to go wild again and it seems that nothing can save them in the confrontation with the beasts - following the lowest of instincts seems to be the only way to survive. But the roles of the hunters and the game are about to change in a surprising and unexpected way.

Inspired by real-life, historical events, writer and director Adrian Panek turns the nightmare of the Holocaust into literal monsters. One-part survival horror, one-part wartime thriller with a dash of coming-of-age drama, WEREWOLF is an unconventional and disturbing contemporary dark fable.

WEREWOLF, the second feature film of Polish writer/director Adrian Panek.


The strength lays in truthfulness. Every element of the story really happened, although today it looks like a dark fairy tale.

A werewolf is a creature between a human and an animal. I think that the period after 1945 in Poland was a bit like that. An evil was defined by simple, animalistic gestures, and people reduced all their existence to the struggle for life. On the other hand, the word ''werewolf'' recalls pure horror, but it doesn't disturb me at all. I liked the idea that previously I made a film about the Messiah and now I am shooting a film about the Werewolf. These are two different ways of thinking about humanity and I am happy to approach the subject from this other side this time.

We are doomed to our animalistic nature. We grew up from the nature that is cruel and reminds concentration camp itself. Culture is negation of the fact that we are animals, because it is built to escape from animalistic side of our identity. But sometimes something happens and everything disintegrates completely.

Adrian Panek

Werewolf Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Adrian Panek

Writing Credits

Adrian Panek


Nicolas Przygoda

Kamil Polnisiak

Sonia Mietielica

Jakub Syska

Helena Mazur

Krzysztof Durski

Maksymilian Balcerowski

Julia Ślusarczyk

Matylda Ignasiak

Danuta Stenka

Oleksandr Shcherbyna

Eugeniusz Malinowski

Werner Daehn

Wojciech Namiotko

Cinematography by

Dominik Danilczyk

Genres: Drama, Horror, Thriller, War

Countries: Poland, Netherlands, Germany

Werewolf Official Trailer

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