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Piranhas 2019

Piranhas | La Paranza Dei Bambini

Piranhas-La Paranza Dei Bambini

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About the Piranhas 💬

Based on the novel by Roberto Saviano, PIRANHAS follows fifteen-year-old Nicola (Francesco Di Napoli) who lives with his mother and younger brother in the Sanità neighborhood of Naples, a place that has been controlled by the Camorra mafia for centuries. Dreaming of a life lush with designer clothing and elite nightclub bottle service, Nicola and his group of friends begin selling drugs, an entryway into the violent, power-hungry world of crime that begins to threaten their innocence, relationships, and safety of their families.


PIRANHAS tells of the relationship between adolescence and the criminal lifestyle: the impossibility of experiencing the more important feelings of adolescence, love and friendship, in a life of crime.

The film shows how a fifteen-year-old and his friends of the same age lose their innocence. The decision by the protagonist, Nicola, to pursue a criminal lifestyle slowly becomes irreversible and all-consuming, requiring the sacrifice of his first love and of friendshipdy.

Experiencing the basic feelings of adolescence in the context of a criminal lifestyle is not possible: the need to do so comes forcefully to the fore in the protagonist, but can no longer be satisfied.

Although the path to the underworld is not an innate desire in youngsters, arising as a consequence of widespread illegality, the film does not wish to represent a sociological point of view. We choose the point of view of the youngsters, without judging them, and show their adolescent feelings in relation to the criminal lifestyle and the ambition of power: the narration of the criminal arc is always in relation to the story of their emotions, the friendships and loves that are destined to fail precisely because of the criminal lifestyle.

Despite the protagonists being fifteen years of age, they are forced into a daily relationship with death, viewing it as a very real possibility: they experience the ambition of conquest and choose war irresponsibly. The youngster's desire for power also hides the naive paradox, typical of their age, of wanting to do good through evil: the dream of a just power, the illusion of an ethical crime syndicate. Children kill fathers, replace them, and, in order to do so, are forced to shorten the time of their development, to sacrifice carelessness, to consider death or jail as very real and daily possibilities.

Claudio Giovannesi

Piranhas Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Claudio Giovannesi

Writing Credits

Claudio Giovannesi, Roberto Saviano and Maurizio Braucci (Screenplay)

Roberto Saviano (Novel)


Francesco Di Napoli

Viviana Aprea

Valentina Vannino

Luca Nacarlo

Ar Tem

Alfredo Turitto

Pasquale Marotta

Carmine Pizzo

Ciro Pellechia

Ciro Vecchione

Mattia Piano Del Balzo

Aniello Arena

Roberto Carrano

Adam Jendoubi

Renato Carpentieri

Music by

Andrea Moscianese

Cinematography by

Daniele Ciprì

Genres: Crime, Drama

Country: Italy

Piranhas Official Trailer

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