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Apollo 13-1995

Apollo 13

Apollo 13

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About the Apollo 13 💬

''From now on, we live in a world where man has walked on the moon. And it's not a miracle, we just decided to go.''

Tom Hanks as Jim Lovell

  • Houston, we have a problem.

It had been less that a year since man first walked on the moon, but as far as the American public was concerned, Apollo 13 was just another ''routine'' space flight - until these words pierced the immense void of space: ''Houston, we have a problem.''

Stranded 205,000 miles from Earth in a crippled spacecraft, astronauts Jim Lovell (Tom Hanks), Fred Haise (Bill Paxton) and Jack Swigert (Kevin Bacon) fight a desperate battle to survive. Meanwhile, at Mission Control, astronaut Ken Mattingly (Gary Sinise), flight director Gene Kranz (Ed Harris) and a heroic ground crew race against time - and the odds - to bring them home.

  • Apollo 13 - Mission Timeline

April 11, 1970. Launch date: 19:13:00 UTC
April 17, 1970. Landing date: 18:07:41 UTC

Mission duration: 5 days, 22 hours, 54 minutes, 41 seconds.

Apollo 13 was called a ''successful failure'' by Jim Lovell.

Apollo 13 Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Ron Howard

Writing Credits

Al Reinert and William Broyles Jr. (Screenplay)

Jeffrey Kluger and Jim Lovell (Book)


Tom Hanks

Bill Paxton

Kevin Bacon

Ed Harris

Gary Sinise

Kathleen Quinlan

Mary Kate Schellhardt

Emily Ann Lloyd

Chauntal Lewis

Miko Hughes

Max Elliott Slade

Jean Speegle Howard

David Andrews

Michele Little

Tracy Reiner

Matthew Michael Goodall

Misty Dickinson

Taylor Goodall

Rance Howard

Chris Ellis

Joe Spano

Xander Berkeley

Marc McClure

Ben Marley

Clint Howard

Loren Dean

Tom Wood

Googy Gress

Patrick Mickler

Ray McKinnon

Max Grodénchik

Brett Cullen

Ned Vaughn

Andy Milder

Geoffrey Blake

Wayne Duvall

Jim Meskimen

Joseph Culp

John Short

Ben Bode

Todd Louiso

Gabriel Jarret

Christopher John Fields

James Ritz

Endre Hules

Walter von Huene

Christian Clemenson

Reed Rudy

Steve Bernie

Steve Ruge

John Timothy Botka

Mark Wheeler

Larry Williams

Karen Martin

Meadow Williams

Patty Raya

Sarah Krasner

Music by

James Horner

Cinematography by

Dean Cundey

Categories: Oscars, Oscar Academy Award Winner, Golden Globes, Golden Globe Nominee, EEBAFTAs, BAFTA Award Winner

Genres: Adventure, Drama, History

Country: United States

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