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26 Years 2012

26 Years | 26 Nyeon

26 Years-26 Nyeon

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26 years ago, state troops were ordered to open fire on civilians in the city of Gwangju who were demonstrating as apart of a democratic movement. Thousands of civilians were killed. Now, a shooter from the national team, a gang member, a policeman, CEO from a large company and director of a private security outfit get involved in a plan to convict the person responsible for the massacre that occurred during the Gwangju Democratization Movement.

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About the 26 Years 💬

''In May 1980, the Korean Military massacred innocent citizens who wanted democracy. There were 4.122 confirmed casualties, the highest since the Korean War. As a result, the military's top officer became South Korea's 11th president. This movie is a work of fiction based on these historical facts.''

Twenty-six years after the 1980 massacre at Gwangju, South Korea, three relatives of the victims come together to avenge the infamous orchestrator.

26 Years Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Geun-hyun Cho

Writing Credits

Hae-young Lee

Pool Kang


Goo Jin

Hye-jin Han

Soo-bin Bae

Seul-ong Im

Kyeong-yeong Lee

Gwang Jang

Deok-jae Jo

Eui-sung Kim

Suk-hwan Ahn

Bok-gi Min

Seong-hwan Koo

Seol-gu Lee

Mi-do Lee

Sang-Hun Lee

Young-hwa Seo

Woo-hee Chun

Music by

Hong-jip Kim

Cinematography by

Tae-kyung Kim

Genres: Drama, Thriller

Country: South Korea

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