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11 Minutes 2015

11 Minutes | 11 Minut

11 Minutes-11 Minut

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In one city it's only a matter of minutes before time changes everything.

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About the 11 Minutes 💬

This story follows the same 11 minutes in the lives of several different characters representing aspects of modern society: a sexy actress, a Hollywood film director, an old painter, a hot-dog vendor, a promiscuous courier, a young percussionist, a jealous husband, a boy who doesn't know his father, a poor woman giving birth, a weary ambulance crew, and a dog. Around them, a vibrant city teems with juxtapositions.

Some characters are shown just as they are about to make life-changing decisions, others are idly passing time, caught in the midst of their day-to-day routines.

What they all have in common is an enigmatic sighting of the elusive dark spot, seen in the sky earlier that day, and the tragic chain of events that will seal their fate.

What really caused it? Did all of them deserve it? Could any of them avoid it? What is the fabric of life? These lingering questions constitute the film's underlying theme.

11 Minutes Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Jerzy Skolimowski

Writing Credits

Jerzy Skolimowski


Richard Dormer

Wojciech Mecwaldowski

Paulina Chapko

Andrzej Chyra

Dawid Ogrodnik

Agata Buzek

Piotr Glowacki

Anna Maria Buczek

Jan Nowicki

Lukasz Sikora

Ifi Ude

Mateusz Kosciukiewicz

Grazyna Blecka-Kolska

Janusz Chabior

Music by

Pawel Mykietyn

Cinematography by

Mikolaj Lebkowski

Category: EFA, European Film Award Winner

Genres: Drama, Thriller

Countries: Poland, Ireland

11 Minutes Official Trailer

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