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Light of My Life 2019

Light of My Life

Light of My Life

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About the Light of My Life 💬

''Dad'' (Casey Affleck) and 11-year-old daughter, Raggedy ''Rag'' Ann (Anna Pniowsky) journey through the outskirts of society a decade after a pandemic has wiped out nearly all the female population, putting the world order in peril. As Dad struggles to protect his daughter's innocence, shielding her from the newfound dangers of man, their bond and the character of humanity is tested as Dad is forced to defend his daughter at all costs.


LIGHT OF MY LIFE is a father and daughter story, a post-pandemic story, a human versus nature story, a home invasion story, a coming of age story, and a fairytale. But most of all it is a story of parental love.

As a filmmaker, I'm drawn to stories that highlight our shared humanity. The timeless story of a parent dedicated to his child above all else is one I hope everyone can relate to in a personal way. As a father of two children, I have told many bedtime stories. Each one, though sometimes inspired by the one before, had to be invented whole cloth or I risked withering criticism. To keep things interesting I would begin with a new character in a new impossible situation and see if I could find for them a believable path to a triumphant conclusion. LIGHT OF MY LIFE is such a story.

LIGHT OF MY LIFE is a very personal movie for me. I began writing this story a decade ago. As my children aged, the experience of being a parent changed. The story I was telling changed. After going through a divorce, the story took its final shape. Despite all the science fiction, this is a story about being a single parent grieving the loss of a nuclear family.

At the center of this movie is an 11-year-old, a child on the cusp of becoming a young adult. The other main character is the father known only as ''Dad.'' The cataclysmic event that precipitates our story, a science-fiction conceit, is intended to raise the stakes of a common and ancient conflict between parent and child: A parent wants to protect and teach a child, but a child wants to fend and learn for his or herself. In the world our film presents, where the threat to the child is so grave, this universal drama becomes a life or death decision.

In creating this world, I was grappling with all the myriad, complex concerns that all parents share. How does a parent learn that he cannot protect his child from every danger in the world, but that his job is to prepare her to protect herself? How can a parent have the courage to let go of their child when danger is so constant and horrific.

While the title of the film is borrowed from a line spoken by a mother to a son in Euripides' play ANDROMACHE, many of my favorite films of today influenced me tonally and stylistically.

Without drawing on any one source for inspiration, I reveal how much my narrative process depends upon the stories I have been told my entire life, from THE ELEPHANT MAN to WITNESS to CHILDREN OF MEN. For this reason, the story the father tells his child at the beginning is also the story upon which the child bases her own narrative independence later in the film.

Movies are not made by just one person. This film was made by 124 people, and it is, to varying degrees, their stories too.

Casey Affleck

Light of My Life Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Casey Affleck

Writing Credits

Casey Affleck


Casey Affleck

Anna Pniowsky

Elizabeth Moss

Tom Bower

Hrothgar Mathews

Timothy Webber

Thelonius Serrell-Freed

Music by

Daniel Hart

Cinematography by

Adam Arkapaw

Genres: Drama, Thriller

Country: United States

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