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Italian Race 2016

Italian Race | Veloce come il vento

Italian Race-Veloce come il vento

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Fight for those you love. Live at the edge. Race faster than everyone else.

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About the Italian Race 💬

''If everything seems under control you're not going fast enough.''

Mario Andretti

  • Based on a true story.

Giulia De Martino (Matilda De Angelis), is 17-years-old and already carries the weight of her family on her shoulders. Her mother has left, and when her father dies, it is up to her to look after her little brother Nico (Giulio Pugnaghi), and the family garage, which has been turning out rally champions for generations. Overwhelmed with debt, Giulia, who is a promising racing driver herself, must win the GT (Gran Turismo) championships at any cost. She reaches out to her older brother Loris (Stefano Accorsi), a former champion driver who has fallen into the spiral of drugs.

''Don't approach every corner like it was the last, because there'll always be another one.''

Based on a true story, ITALIAN RACE portrays talent and deterioration, competition and toxic love.

Italian Race Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Matteo Rovere

Writing Credits

Matteo Rovere, Francesca Manieri and Filippo Gravino (Screenplay)

Matteo Rovere (Story)


Stefano Accorsi

Matilda De Angelis

Giulio Pugnaghi

Paolo Graziosi

Lorenzo Gioielli

Roberta Mattei

Giuseppe Gaiani

Cristina Spina

Rinat Khismatouline

Tatiana Luter

Alexia Murray

Music by

Andrea Farri

Cinematography by

Michele D'Attanasio

Genres: Drama, Sport

Country: Italy

Italian Race Official Trailer

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