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Atlantic. 2014



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After watching European tourists come and go for many years, Fettah takes off on an epic ocean journey along the Moroccan Atlantic coast to Europe on a windsurf board.

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About the Atlantic. 💬

  • What if your whole life is already determined but your heart longs for something else. Would you take destiny in your own hands and leave everything behind? Would you risk your life for your dreams?

ATLANTIC. tells the story of Fettah (Fettah Lamara), a young man who lives in a Moroccan coastal village where every summer, loads of hip and beautiful Europeans come to windsurf and enjoy the relaxed lifestyle. Fettah is one of the locals who helps them and looks after their needs. During one particularly memorable summer, Fettah befriends Alexandra (Thekla Reuten), a beautiful European woman. When she leaves to go back home, his little village becomes like a prison to him and he decides to embark on a treacherous and solitary windsurfing voyage to Europe. Every wave, every turn, every day on this epic and life-altering journey brings Fettah new dangers as he tries to chart a new horizon for himself.


''It seemed like we brought a lot of freedom to their lives but we didn't. We came in and changed their lives and dreams, but when we left, there was the emptiness of having nothing to do and going back to fishing. Some became very depressed and started using a lot of drugs, and I wondered what would happen to them if they just got on their boards and went.''

Jan-Willem van Ewijk

''When I felt the sea under my feet for the first time I forgot about everything. It was incredible.''

Fettah Lamara as Fettah

Atlantic. Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Jan-Willem van Ewijk

Writing Credits

Jan-Willem van Ewijk

Abdelhadi Samih (Co-writer)


Fettah Lamara

Thekla Reuten

Mohamed Majd

Soufyan Sahli

Jan-Willem van Ewijk

Boujmaa Guilloul

Hassna Souidi

Wisal Hatimi

Idriss Karimi

Steven Novick

Aron Michael Thompson

Cinematography by

Jasper Wolf

Genres: Adventure, Drama, Romance

Countries: Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Morocco, France

Atlantic. Official Trailer

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