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Sollers Point 2017

Sollers Point: Baltimore

Sollers Point

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A story of fear, neglect and second chance.

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About the Sollers Point 💬

SOLLERS POINT tells the story of Keith Cohill (McCaul Lombardi), a twenty-six-year-old newly released from prison and living with his father Carol (Jim Belushi) under house arrest in Baltimore. Keith is struggling to reestablish himself, and break free of the bonds forged behind bars, within a community scarred by unemployment, neglect, and deeply entrenched segregation. His intentions are in the right place and he possesses an aggressive desire to get back on his feet, but as he taps into all his familiar resources, he finds that he may be reverting to his old ways.


''In many ways, SOLLERS POINT will be my most personal film to date. To a certain extent, the characters in this film embody the possibilities that could have been mine if I'd made other choices; and, like me, they are all grappling with meaning in the face of unbelievable meaninglessness. In this way, they have an emotional center that is very close to my heart.''

Matthew Porterfield

Sollers Point Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Matthew Porterfield

Writing Credits

Matthew Porterfield (Written by)

Matthew Porterfield and Amy Belk (Story)


McCaul Lombardi

Jim Belushi

Zazie Beetz

Tom Guiry

Marin Ireland

Brieyon Bell-El

Lynn Cohen

Felix Stevenson

Imani Hakim

Kazy Tauginas

Alyssa Bresnahan

Michael J Rogers

Wass Stevens

Everleigh Brenner

Maya Martinez

Ashley Shelton

Music by

Shabier Kirchner

Cinematography by

Marc Vives

Genre: Drama

Countries: United States, France

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