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Rendel: Dark Vengeance 2017


Rendel: Dark Vengeance

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About the Rendel 💬

  • RENDEL is based on the comic book character created by Jesse Haaja.

Who said that there are no masked avengers in Finland?


''Listen to me, you spineless scumbags and immoral bastards. There is a line between good and evil in this world. And that line is me.''

RENDEL is a Finnish superhero film. It is the very first full-length superhero film from Finland, and introduces the world a completely new superhero Rendel. Rendel's way to the big screen has been long, but certain. The beginning of the story goes way back to Director Jesse Haaja's schoolboy years...

THE CITY OF MIKKELI, a frozen dystopian city in Finland's near future. A place where the streets are cold and the long shadows hide loathsome dangers. VALA, the most merciless criminal organization in Europe has been bribing bureaucrats for years in order to get an untested vaccine Nh25 to fragile unsuspecting third world markets. Just when the latest batch is ready to be shipped, a masked man attacks the criminals. Alone he beats down the whole crew and destroys the vaccines. This starts a chain of mysterious night attacks that make the blood spill and money burn - literally.

Soon these nocturnal quarrels grab the unwanted attention of the press. A faceless hero Rendel (Kristofer Gummerus) engages in an open and ruthless war against the VALA organization: no mercy, no prisoners. One devastating hit after another, the dark avenger destroys both criminals and the equipment needed to run the criminal empire. Helpless against this guerrilla warfare, VALA hires international bounty hunters to strengthen its lines. As Rendel challenges the faceless corporation, both the hero and horror's masks begin to crack. Nobody gives way, nobody backs down. It's time for the truth.

Rendel Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Jesse Haaja

Writing Credits

Jesse Haaja (Creator)

Miika J. Norvanto, Pekka Lehtosaari and Timo Puustinen (Screenplay)


Kristofer Gummerus

Rami Rusinen

Matti Onnismaa

Renne Korppila

Minttu Tamski

Roosamaria Mäkinen

Alina Tomnikov

Minna Nevanoja

Anu Palevaara

Reino Nordin

Tero Salenius

Aake Kalliala

Sami Huhtala

Marko Beltzer Pesonen

Johnny Vivash

Bianca Bradey

Sheila Shah

Michael Hall

Michael Majalahti

Music by

Tuomas Kantelinen

Cinematography by

Tero Saikkonen

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Fantasy

Country: Finland

Rendel Official Trailer

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