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Papillon 1973



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About the Papillon 💬

Franklin J. Schaffner's superb yet brutal film of PAPILLON united two stars - Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman - at key career junctures.

''Welcome, to the prison colony of French Guiana, whose prisoners you are and from which there is no escape.''

  • For Papillon survival was not enough... he had to be free.

They called him Papillon, meaning ''butterfly.'' If only he had wings to go with the name.

  • Two men with nothing in common but a will to live and a place to die.

Unable to fly, Henri ''Papillon'' Charrière (Steve McQueen) virtually willed himself free. He persisted until he did the impossible: escape Devil's Island.

Determined to escape, Papillon forms an unlikely relationship with the frail but notorious forger Louis Dega (Dustin Hoffman), who reluctantly joins in the attempt. Despite the brutal conditions and constant threats of betrayal, Papillon leads a desperate escape off the island.

Papillon Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Franklin James Schaffner

Writing Credits

Dalton Trumbo and Lorenzo Semple Jr. (Screenplay)

William Goldman (Contributing writer)

Henri Charrière (Book)


Steve McQueen

Dustin Hoffman

William Smithers

Fred Sadoff

Don Gordon

Bill Mumy

Woodrow Parfrey

Robert Deman

Allen Jaffe

Richard Farnsworth

Val Avery

John Quade

Anthony Zerbe

Gregory Sierra

Anne Byrne Hoffman

Barbara Morrison

Ellen Moss

Victor Jory

Ron Soble

Ratna Assan

Music by

Jerry Goldsmith

Cinematography by

Frederick James Koenekamp

Categories: Oscars, Oscar Academy Award Nominee, Golden Globes, Golden Globe Nominee

Genres: Action, Adventure, Biography, Crime, Drama

Countries: France, United States

Remade as: Papillon (2017)

Papillon Official Trailer

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