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November 2003



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Winning the lottery can be a nightmare.

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About the November 💬

Marianne Brunner (Charlotte Heinimann), a 39-year-old housewife, lives with her husband Paul (Max Rüdlinger) (45) and their daughter Yvonne (Muriel Rieben) (11) in a middle-class suburb of Switzerland. Everyday routines govern their lives - until the day Marianne wins 2.9 million Swiss Francs in the lottery. Initially, the family tries to keep their luck a secret from friends and neighbors, but as the temptation to spend the cash becomes too big, news of their luck spreads and throws the family into a vortex of envy and malice. The Brunners' quiet life is thrown off course, never to be the same again.

November Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Luki Frieden

Writing Credits

Luki Frieden


Charlotte Heinimann

Max Rüdlinger

Muriel Rieben

Elias Arens

Lilian Naef

Oscar Bingisser

Martin Rapold

Stefan Gubser

Nina Iseli

Sandra Schneider

Music by

Peter von Siebenthal

Cinematography by

Frank Blau

Genre: Drama

Country: Switzerland

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