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11.22.63-TV Mini-Series

11.22.63 | TV Mini-Series


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About the 11.22.63 💬

From Stephen King and J.J. Abrams, 11.22.63 is an 8-part event series based on the best-selling novel.

Imagine having the power to change history. Would you journey down the ''rabbit hole?'' This eight-part event series follows Jake Epping (James Franco), an ordinary high school teacher, presented with the unthinkable mission of traveling back in time to prevent the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22, 1963. Jake travels to the past in order to solve the most enduring mystery of the 20th century: who killed JFK, and could it have been stopped? But as Jake will learn, the past does not want to be changed. And trying to divert the course of history may prove fatal.

  • EPISODE 1: The Rabbit Hole

High school teacher Jake Epping is shown a secret time portal by his best friend, who begs him to go back to 1960 in order to prevent the John F. Kennedy assassination. But Jake finds that changing the past is far more dangerous than he ever would have dreamed.

  • EPISODE 2: The Kill Floor

Unnerved by the impossibility of his mission, Jake travels to Holden, Kentucky in order to save the family of his friend Harry Dunning, who were all murdered on Halloween by Harry's father Frank. But does Jake have what it takes to kill a man?

  • EPISODE 3: Other Voices, Other Rooms

Jake flees Kentucky. He and his new ally Bill Turcotte build new lives in a small town. By day, Jake teaches. By night, he spies on Lee Harvey Oswald. As he tails Oswald through the dark underbelly of Dallas, he realizes he may not be the only threat to JFK.

  • EPISODE 4: The Eyes of Texas

Bill and Jake disagree about how to handle the violent Lee Harvey Oswald. Bill surreptitiously watches Lee's wife Marina, and romance blooms for Jake and Sadie Dunhill. But their romance may have placed her in danger. And is someone watching Jake?

  • EPISODE 5: The Truth

Jake struggles between two lives: teacher and time traveler. The mysterious attempt on General Edwin Walker's life is imminent - will it be it Oswald who takes this shot? But the past works in violent ways, and Jake will have to choose whom to save.

  • EPISODE 6: Happy Birthday, Lee Harvey Oswald

Six months after the General Walker shooting, Bill forces Jake to interact with the Oswalds. Jake sees George de Mohrenschildt after a long absence and makes an important discovery. He is close to fulfilling his mission, but the past has other ideas.

  • EPISODE 7: Soldier Boy

Lee Harvey Oswald has a job at the Texas School Book Depository. While he fights to get Marina back home, Sadie struggles to help Jake. Kennedy and his assassin are on a collision path - but has Jake done enough to alter the course of history?

  • EPISODE 8: The Day in Question

It is November 22, 1963. Jake and Sadie will have to reckon with history - and the past.

11.22.63 TV Mini-Series Details 🎥

Series Directed by

Frederick E.O. Toye

James Strong

James Franco

James Kent

John David

Kevin Macdonald

Series Writing Credits

Bridget Carpenter (Developed for television by)

Stephen King

Quinton Peeples

Brian Nelson

Brigitte Hales

Joe Henderson


James Franco, Sarah Gadon, Constance Towers, T.R. Knight, Chris Cooper, Kevin J. O'Connor, George MacKay, Brooklyn Sudano, Daniel Webber, Lucy Fry, Cherry Jones, Michael Izquierdo, Amy Marie Wallace, Leon Rippy, Jack Fulton, Josh Duhamel, Joanna Douglas, Jonny Coyne, Shauna MacDonald, Nick Searcy, Tonya Pinkins, Christopher Phipps, Gregory North, Gil Bellows, Grantham Coleman, Antoni Corone, Michael O'Neill, Annette O'Toole, Kristian Bruun, Christian Lloyd, Stewart Arnott, Alex Nussbaum.

Series Music by

Alex Heffes

Category: Emmys, Primetime Emmy Award Nominee

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi (Science Fiction), Thriller

Country: United States

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