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Tokyo! 2008

Tokyo! | Dokkyo! | Tokio!


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About Tokyo! 💬

  • Three visionary directors, three unforgettable stories...

Three short films set in Tokyo chronicle the metamorphosis of a woman, the trial of a man who emerges from a manhole, and a reclusive man's first experience with human contact during an earthquake.


''Interior Design'' by Michel Gondry: A young couple tries to set themselves up in Tokyo. The young man's ambition is clear to become a film director. His girlfriend, far more indecisive, cannot escape the vague feeling that she's losing control of her life. Directionless, both are beginning to go under in this vast city until the young woman, utterly alone, becomes the object of a bizarre transformation...

''The beginning of the film presents a young couple confronted by the difficulty of moving to an unknown city. The aim of the film, however, is not to show Tokyo as an inhuman megalopolis, but to reveal the personality of a young woman who doesn't see the point of disappearing into the professional adult world. This first part is full of life and humor, especially in the intimate moments between the couple. We follow the young girl on her interior journey as, little by little, she cuts herself off from others and turns away from the role she has played up till now.

The surreal twist the film takes, as she slowly begins to transform into a chair, reflects her mental state, horribly yet cinematically, in the fashion of Roman Polanski's REPULSION or THE TENANT.''

Michel Gondry


''Merde'' by Leos Carax: A mysterious creature spreads panic in the streets of Tokyo by means of his provocative and destructive behavior. This man, dubbed 'The Creature of the Sewers' by the media, arouses both passion and repulsion... until the moment he is captured...

''Merde is a creature, a sort of Godzilla who attacks the inhabitants of great cities, but a racist, fundamentalist Godzilla. Or rather, Merde is a Mister Hyde cast into contemporary Tokyo. But then where is his double, his creator? Where is Doctor Jekyll hiding? In you, and in me.''

Leos Carax


''Shaking Tokyo'' by Joon-ho Bong: For more than 10 years, he's been a hikikomori (a term for people who is anti-social, cooped up in the room). He lives shut up in his apartment, strictly limiting all contact with the outside world to an absolute minimum. When a pizza delivery girl faints in his home during an earthquake, the unthinkable happens - he falls in love. Shortly after, he learns that the girl has in her turn become a hikikomori. Will he dare cross the threshold that separates his apartment from the rest of the world?

''Tokyo is a city endowed with a distinctive atmosphere, a very singular sense of space. To show cinematically this ''something'' the city possesses is exciting in itself. What then are the images with which one can evoke this city, at once so strange and so familiar, as a director and as a foreigner?

The feeling of vertigo, almost as if everyone suddenly disappeared from the thronging streets of Shibuya... The movements and expressions of people on the pedestrian footbridges who seem almost imperceptibly ''under control''... An isolated cat standing in the narrow alleyway of a silent neighborhood...

A strange love story taking place between a man and a woman in the unique atmosphere of Tokyo. This film, short as it is, is a strange love story.''

Joon-ho Bong


The Greek word ''rhapsody'' designates ''a work composed of several pieces presented one after the other''. Our project is a fantasy in three movements, three directors interpreting a single motif: TOKYO. It doesn't matter whether each piece seems at odds with the others - when they are put together, they form a unique work. A ''Tokyo rhapsody'', to be precise.

All cities evolve. But whereas Paris or New York have managed to maintain a balance between tradition and evolution, Tokyo is destined to develop endlessly. Economic growth has seen the city change at an exponential rate. This enormous metropolis is a film set in itself. Neither quiet nor calm, the city overflows with a dizzying energy. Seen from abroad, Tokyo has grown from an exotic city to ''TOKYO'', an endlessly complex and fantasized-about assemblage emanating from an imminent future...

Our desire to produce a composite film rather than a single, full-length story was absolutely dictated by the nature of the city and its inhabitants; by the urban landscape that appears and disappears suddenly, in completely unexpected fashion; by the extraordinary behavior of people no longer really astonished by anything. There is something of the absurd in TOKYO. These three directors, each endowed with a rich and fertile sensibility, each so different from the others, capture the true spirit of TOKYO.

Tokyo! Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Michel Gondry (Segment: ''Interior Design'')

Leos Carax (Segment: ''Merde'')

Joon-ho Bong (Segment: ''Shaking Tokyo'')

Writing Credits

Michel Gondry (Segment: ''Interior Design'')

Gabrielle Bell (Graphic novel ''Cecil and Jordan in New York'') (Segment: ''Interior Design'')

Leos Carax (Segment: ''Merde'')

Joon-ho Bong (Segment: ''Shaking Tokyo'')


Interrior Design: Ayako Fujitani, Ryo Kase, Ayumi Itô, Nao Ohmori, Satoshi Tsumabuki

Merde: Denis Lavant, Jean-François Balmer, KaoRi, Julie Dreyfus

Shaking Tokyo: Teruyuki Kagawa, Yû Aoi, Naoto Takenaka

Genres: Anthology, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

Countries: France, Japan, South Korea, Germany

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