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About the Pororoca 💬

Taking its title from the vast tidal bore that travels inland on the Amazon River, POROROCA is taking a close look at a family whose life turns upside down when their five-year-old daughter goes missing.

Cristina (Iulia Lumânare) and Tudor Ionescu (Bogdan Dumitrache) have built a happy family with their two children. Maria (5 and a half) and Ilie (7). He works for a phone company and she's an accountant. They're in their thirties and live in a nice apartment in a Romanian town. They live the life of an ordinary couple with young children. One Sunday morning, when Tudor takes the kids to the park, Maria disappears. Their lives abruptly change forever.

POROROCA dramatizes a situation that every parent dreads as it tackles human emotions of fury, sorrow, guilt, despair, and obsession through a missing child case.


''This is no a film about ethics or morale. It is a film about that silent and insidious power of guilt. Are we prepared? Do we know how to deal with something like that? Are we really equipped to face something that comes toward us with such a powerful mix of force and emotions, devasting? When you go through what the character goes through, a lot of what's around you fades away, just disappears, doesn't matter anymore. You are in a kind of haze, a limbo where everything is possible. Especially what you imagine and what you see. You know the trope: just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it's not there. Well, that's when everything you most fear becomes visible to you...''

Constantin Popescu

Pororoca Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Constantin Popescu

Writing Credits

Constantin Popescu


Bogdan Dumitrache

Iulia Lumânare

Constantin Dogioiu

Stefan Raus

Adela Marghidan

Cinematography by

Liviu Marghidan

Genre: Drama

Countries: Romania, France

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