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Newness 2017



As film industry reviewers, we say Newness is one of our non-favorite movies. Please VOTE!

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Can love survive an open relationship?

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About the Newness 💬

In contemporary L.A., two unacquainted millennials, spend their weekends ''swiping'' on the dating app WINX. The options are endless, but it's less about connection and more about hooking-up. But when Martin Hallock (Nicholas Hoult) and Gabriella Silva (Laia Costa) meet, they find themselves talking into the early hours. Connecting. It's exciting. It's new. Exhilarated by each other, they rush into a relationship. They go out on dates. They move in together. They skip work to make love... But is this love?

Newness Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Drake Doremus

Writing Credits

Ben York Jones


Laia Costa

Nicholas Hoult

Pom Klementieff

Danny Huston

Lianna Swearingen

David Selby

Amanda Serra

Matthew Gray Gubler

Courtney Eaton

Albert Hammond Jr

Jessica Henwick

Elsa Cocquerel

Eva Ceja

Esther Perel

Music by

Gwilym Gold

Keegan DeWitt

Cinematography by

Sean Stiegemeier

Genres: Drama, Romance

Country: United States

Newness Official Trailer

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