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Mom and Dad 2017

Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad

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Sometimes, they just want to kill you.

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About the Mom and Dad 💬

  • They brought you into this world. They can take you out.

One ordinary morning, without warning or explanation, parents everywhere start trying to murder their children. This inexplicable sickness spreads like a virus, until kids everywhere are under attack. At the center of it all are the Ryans: dad Brent (Nicolas Cage), mom Kendall (Selma Blair), high school sophomore Carly (Anne Winters) and little Josh (Zackary Arthur). As the film begins, Brent and Kendall bicker, and Carly is having trouble communicating with her mom. But it's typical family issues. Not the sort of thing that traditionally leads to a man to try to poison his kids by with carbon monoxide.

That all changes when a strange filicide virus takes hold. Things escalate from random acts of violence to full-on outbreak while Carly is at school, but about halfway through the film, all the main characters return home.

  • Kids, stop hiding. Mom and Dad love you so much.

When the parents and the kids reach a stalemate they begin scheming ways to end the conflict in ever-more creative ways.

Mom and Dad Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Brian Taylor

Writing Credits

Brian Taylor


Selma Blair

Nicolas Cage

Anne Winters

Zackary Arthur

Robert T. Cunningham

Olivia Crocicchia

Brionne Davis

Samantha Lemole

Lance Henriksen

Music by

Mr. Bill

Cinematography by

Daniel Pearl

Genres: Comedy, Horror, Thriller

Countries: United States, United Kingdom

Mom and Dad Official Trailer

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