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Ma ma 2015

Ma ma

Ma ma

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Do you know the greatest love in the world? That of a mother for her son and a son for his mother.

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About the Ma ma 💬

Ma ma follows Magda who experiences tragedies and miracles.

Magda (Penélope Cruz) is not even 40 when she gets fired from her job as a teacher. Two months later, she is diagnosed with breast cancer, but refuses to link her work issues with her health condition. Thanks to her joyful and combative nature, she fights against illness and fatality, always on the edge between her sorrow and her will to live for the people around her...


Magda's Feeling

The essence of ma ma is the feeling that Magda uses to confront the tragedy in her life, a feeling that appears in two separate moments; after overcoming the first one, the second one appears. The first one warns her that she's fatally ill, the second one warns her that there's no escape. They are two cancers; the one on her right breast is treatable, the one on her left breast is incurable.

In this way, ma ma is a story told in two distinct parts. The first ''ma'' is a story about overcoming disease, in this tragedy the crabs crawling on the sand carry with them a great deal of fear, but eventually, they go back to the sea. The second ''ma'' is an undeniable tragedy, the crabs don't stop, even if Natasha grabs them with her white, child's hands and tosses them forcefully into the sea. Reality doesn't work like that, but the gesture in itself matters, the promise of the life that Natasha represents, what Magda will leave behind once the crabs have taken her away.

Each part of ma ma has its own internal structure, with the beginning, rising action, a climax and a resolution, but there's symmetry between the two parts. They both start with the dark, tragic news of her breast cancer, delivered by Julian, her gynecologist. During the middle and the resolution of both parts the characters who surround Magda lose and gain many things, or rather they start by losing much, but they end up gaining... how much? Quantity is not really important here, but rather quality, this is exactly what this story brings forward, Magda's legacy, the moving treasure containing a new life, which comes out in extremis of her own life. To give birth and to die.

Ma ma Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Julio Medem

Writing Credits

Julio Medem


Penélope Cruz

Luis Tosar

Asier Etxeandia

Teo Planell

Silvia Abascal

Alex Brendemühl

Laura Prats

Anna Jiménez

Music by

Alberto Iglesias

Cinematography by

Kiko de la Rica

Genre: Drama

Countries: Spain, France

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