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3 from Hell 2019

3 from Hell | Three from Hell

3 from Hell-Three from Hell

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The Evil Returns.

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About the 3 from Hell 💬

  • Sequel to The Devil's Rejects.

Rob Zombie's diabolical trio returns when 3 FROM HELL arrives.

Written and directed by horror master Rob Zombie, the film follows three of the director's most vicious creations as they leave a trail of corpses in their wake. 3 FROM HELL is Zombie's highly anticipated return to his violently horrific crime saga.

  • Murder. Madness. Mayhem.

After barely surviving a furious shootout with the police, Baby Firefly (Sheri Moon Zombie), Otis Driftwood (Bill Moseley) and Captain Spaulding (Sid Haig) are behind bars. But pure evil cannot be contained. Teaming up with Otis' half-brother Winslow Foxworth Coltrane (Richard Brake), the demented Firefly clan are back to unleash a whole new wave of death and depravity. A firestorm of murder, madness and mayhem will be released in this terror ride to Hell and back.

3 from Hell Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Rob Zombie

Writing Credits

Rob Zombie


Sheri Moon Zombie

Bill Moseley

Richard Brake

Sid Haig

Danny Trejo

Emilio Rivera

Jeff Daniel Phillips

Dee Wallace

Richard Edson

Kevin Jackson

Pancho Moler

Steven Michael Quezada

Clint Howard

Dot-Marie Jones

Richard Riehle

Christopher B. Duncan

David Ury

Sean Whalen

Daniel Roebuck

Sylvia Jefferies

Tracey Leigh

Flor de Maria Chahua

Anny Rosario

Jackie S. Garcia

Bill Oberst Jr.

Lucinda Jenney

Wade Williams

Stacie Greenwell

Jan Hoag

Greg Serano

Matthew Willig

Noel Gugliemi

Emiliano Díez

Mariano 'Big Dawg' Mendoza

Billy Blair

Music by


Cinematography by

David Daniel

Genre: Horror

Country: United States

Follows: House of 1000 Corpses (2003) - The Devils Rejects (2005)

Information: Did you know? 3 FROM HELL took just 20 days to shoot, but significant re-writing had to be done once it was realized that due to ill health, Sid Haig (Captain Spaulding) would not be able to take part in the movie as much as originally intended. To fill the gap and keep the ''3 FROM HELL'' of the title, Rob Zombie wrote in the character of Winslow Foxworth Coltrane, played by Richard Brake who plays Otis' half-brother. Rob was determined that Haig would have his swan-song as Spaulding and wrote a lesser but still impactful part for his final appearance as this iconic character. The scene of Sid Haig in prison was filmed over the course of one day as Zombie had to sneak Haig onto the set to capture the performance. Sadly Haig passed away 5 days after the movie's theatrical release following a short illness.

3 from Hell Official Trailer

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