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Memoir of a Murderer 2017

Memoir of a Murderer | Another Memory | A Murderer's Guide to Memorization | Salinjaui gieokbeob

Memoir of a Murderer-Another Memory-A Murderer's Guide to Memorization-Salinjaui gieokbeob

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About the Memoir of a Murderer 💬

A killer with fading memories discovers the truth. What can you trust when your memories can deceive you?

  • Remember the killer, remember to protect your daughter.

A former serial killer Byung-su (Kyung-gu Sol) gets diagnosed with Alzheimer's. The doctor tells him that it's due to the aftereffects from the traffic accident 17 years ago; the same accident that stopped him from his killings and allowed him to live a normal life with his dear daughter Eun-hee (Seol-Hyun Kim). So when a series of murders occur near his town, Byung-su gets worried whether the killings are his doings during his memory lapses.

But then, he comes across Tae-ju (Nam-gil Kim) and instinctively realizes that he's the serial killer. He reports this to the police, only to learn that Tae-ju is one. Byung-su tries to find firm evidence that Tae-ju is a psychopath, only to raise Tae-ju's interest on him and his daughter. And now with his memory slipping, Byung-su must find a way to protect his daughter from Tae-ju.

Memoir of a Murderer Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Shin-yeon Won

Writing Credits

Jo-yun Hwang (Screenplay)

Young-ha Kim (Novel)


Kyung-gu Sol

Nam-gil Kim

Seol-Hyun Kim

Dal-su Oh

Hae-yeon Kil

Seok-jeong Hwang

Byung-joon Lee

In-Gum Jung

Choi Yoo-Song

Music by

Jun-seong Kim

Cinematography by

Choi Yeong-Hwan

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Country: South Korea

Memoir of a Murderer Official Trailer

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